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Skule Badminton Club (SBC)

Skule™ Badminton Club aims to promote the sport of badminton by holding regular practices & organizing tournaments at both recreational and competitive levels open to everyone at the University of Toronto. SBC promotes high standards of teamwork, leadership, character. We also strive for the spirit of sportsmanship, fellowship and skill development among all the members at all levels.

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Skule Dance Club

Skule Dance Club is a club mainly aimed for engineers, but is open to all U of T students that have a passion for any dance genre, going from hip-hop to tango and from ballet to bhangra. Our club has been running since October 2013 and we host weekly sessions where U of T undergraduate students are selected as instructors by experience to teach beginner-level dance classes. Skule Dance Club provides a great starting point for those interested in dance. By offering a variety of dance styles, SDC creates an environment where everyone can be a beginner, and students will always find styles that interest them. By allowing undergraduate students to teach, we are able to create a close-knit community while enriching the U of T community with the talented individuals who take part in this group. Skule Dance Club differentiates itself from other University of Toronto dance clubs by offering classes of all styles of dance, with the opportunity to teach a specific style or learn a certain type of dance for free and open to everyone.

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University of Toronto Engineering Iron Dragons

The Iron Dragons provides engineering students with a means to learn and compete in the sport of dragon boat, with a range of crews from recreational to developmental to competitive. With hopes to compete on the world stage in Szged, Hungary at the 2018 Club Crew World Championships, members will train in the gym and on the water throughout the school year in preparation for the summer racing season between May and August. As the reigning National Champions in the University and Under 24 Divisions, the Iron Dragons warmly welcome you to meet new friends, try a new sport, and get fit!

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UofT Ironsports

The University of Toronto Ironsports Club (UTIS) is a club for powerlifting, weightlifting and general strength training. UTIS was created to make strength sports and training accessible to students. University is challenging - and so is achieving a healthy, balanced lifestyle. We provide students with the community and resources they need start to lifting and get stronger.

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Skule Ski Club

The Skule Ski Club is the only club that hosts annual ski trips to Mount Tremblant. We aim to provide a way for students to relieve stress and socialize with friends from another disciplines. We also aim to promote the sport of skiing by making skiing more accessible.

Skule Cricket Club

This club is for all cricket lovers, players or anyone who enjoys this beautiful sport. If you're looking to play cricket, join us. Even if you're looking to just enjoy and spend time with people who share the same passion as yourself for cricket, this is the place for you.



Engineers Without Borders

Engineers Without Borders (EWB) Canada is a non-governmental organization dedicated to creating change by supporting social innovations in Canada and Sub-Saharan Africa. We have been active as a national organization for the past 17 years. Our goal is to promote policies to foster more equitable development and invest in work which can break the systemic flaws that sustain poverty. EWB U of T Chapter is an affiliate of EWB Canada. EWB U of T is a global development club that aims to create social change on a local, national and global level.

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Pakistan Development Foundation

The Pakistan Development Foundation is a student run, non-profit organization that aims to support projects and organize activities to raise awareness, promote sustainable development and part-take in capacity building in Pakistan. We fund carefully selected development projects run by local NGOs in Pakistan within a range of sectors including economic empowerment, environment, health care, education and energy. Pakistan Development Foundation's prime mandate is to aid in the advocacy, fundraising and mobilization efforts for marginalized communities within Pakistan. Specifically, we aim to provide a safe space to learn and discuss Pakistan's economic, social and political stature, highlight injustices that are occurring within Pakistan, and recommend subsequent courses of action.


Power to Change - Engineers

Engineers at U of T are known for our capabilities in solving problems with innovative minds, from humanities to scientific issues. Power to Change Engineers is an interdenominational Christian group that is dedicated to serving engineering students by helping them solve life’s toughest questions. We want to be a spiritual resource to engineers, giving all students an opportunity to think about spiritual issues, as well as helping Christians grow in their faith. Join us in our weekly meeting where we gather and discuss life's larger questions, recurring every Thursday from 5:00pm-7:00pm in Wycliffe College, Sheraton Hall. Also, join us in our weekly in-depth study on the Christian faith! Time and location TBA. Be on the lookout for our booth at clubs day, and email us at for more information or to join our mailing list ( Follow us on to get our latest event updates!

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Project Include

Project Include aims to bring the joy of computer programming to marginalized and nontraditional communities throughout the GTA and beyond, by training and organizing undergraduate instructors and mentors to deliver coding bootcamps and workshops.

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Track One Mentorship

Track One Mentorship is a peer mentorship group for first year students in the Track One Engineering program.


Volunteer Engineering Experience Program

VEEP pairs engineering students with local not-for-profit organizations to tackle real world engineering problems. Projects span software, product design, and strategy. Learn more at


180 Degrees Consulting

180 Degrees Consulting is the world's largest volunteer consultancy. We provide education, reduce homelessness, and alleviate poverty by helping non-profits receive the support and expertise they need to improve and expand services. At the same time, we develop a generation of future leaders committed to making a difference. 180 Degrees Consulting started at U of T in 2015 under Kristen Shi and Matthew Fok. Since then, we've completed two projects, and fostered a committed team to create even more impact in the coming years.

RoboGals: University of Toronto Chapter

Robogals is an international student-run organisation that aims to inspire, engage and empower young students to consider studying engineering and related fields. Our primary activity is to run interactive and free science and engineering-based workshops for students in elementary and middle schools to introduce them to the field and provide them the opportunity to actively participate in STEM based activities. These workshops give students a unique hands-on opportunity to find out more about engineering and related fields, as well as interact with the university student volunteers. Robogals also provides career talks to high school students, and hosts a variety of events to raise awareness of the impact of engineering in everyday life.


University of Toronto Space Design Contest

The U of T Space Design Contest is an engineering outreach organization that challenges the innovation and ingenuity of high school students around the world. Each year, we organize an aerospace-related challenge and invite high school participants to Toronto to compete in a two-day Design Conference in the spring. Our program seeks to promote peer mentorship, leadership within the engineering community, and advocacy for youth science education.



Association of Chinese Engineers

The University of Toronto Association of Chinese Engineers (UTACE) is merged from the Chinese Engineering Students’ Association (CESA) and the Engineering Chinese Club (ECC), which are two proudly recognized associations among the student body of the University of Toronto St. George Campus. The new club (UTACE) is dedicated to promoting Chinese culture, friendship, and communication between our members through many events and services.


Fly with Origami, Learn to Dream (UTFOLD)

UTFOLD is the only Origami Club at the University of Toronto. We host free weekly origami workshops on the UofT campus for UofT students, staffs, and alumni, as well as for anyone within the community (not always University of Toronto students). We teach these workshops in order to increase the appreciation for the Japanese art of paperfolding and to help others hone their origami skills. Additionally, we collaborate with various other clubs at UofT to host larger events, and have formed partnerships with many off-campus organizations, including libraries and hospitals, to bring origami to the greater community. One of our core values is to be as inclusive as possible. As such, our weekly workshops involve teaching various models at different, and all difficulty levels, such as beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Our workshops feature a variety of origami models, ranging from animals - such as penguins, hummingbirds, sheeps - to maple leafs and snowflakes, in addition to modular origami, kusudamas, tessellations, and crease-pattern folding. In combination with some of these monthly advanced workshops, we incorporate "general" workshops that are holiday-themed, such as Halloween, Christmas, and Valentines, where members can fold many simpler models within the one workshop. Since last year, we began offering a series of specialty workshops - led by a dedicated origami enthusiast (3rd year student from UTSC) - that puts emphasis and focuses on paper (folding with different types of paper), making of paper, and a skill known as “wet folding” – i.e. folding the paper while it’s wet and malleable to give the model curves. At no cost, we aim to provide the UofT community with a comprehensive origami learning experience, in efforts to build on members' origami skill and knowledge, and also, to ensure that there is something within the scope of origami for everyone to enjoy.

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Indian Students' Society

The Indian Students’ Society (ISS) at University of Toronto St. George campus serves as a means for uniting and engaging the existing University of Toronto Indian diaspora with the aim of celebrating and promoting the Indian culture amongst the students of University of Toronto. We at ISS believe in unity through diversity and welcome absolutely anyone who wishes to learn more about the Indian culture.


Muslim Students' Association

Founded in 1965, the Muslim Students’ Association (MSA) at U of T was the first MSA to be established in Canada, and has since grown to be U of T’s largest student club with a membership of over 1,500 students, faculty, and staff. The purpose of the MSA is to serve and represent the needs of Muslims on and off campus. What started as a club to facilitate prayer for some 20 students has now grown to a club that is at the forefront of social justice, community service, faith practices, academic support and campus social life. Throughout this period, the Muslim Students’ Association has been part of many historic initiatives, such as the inclusion of women in Hart House, the hosting of the Mayor of Sarajevo during the midst of the Bosnian War, and the establishment of national Muslim organizations that now serve as a representative for Muslims in the western hemisphere. Guided by three virtues – Service, Fellowship, and Excellence – the MSA strives to be a vibrant, integrated and contributing member of the campus and the Toronto community.

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Bangladeshi Students' Association (BSA)

The Bangladeshi Students’ Association aims to promote Bangladeshi culture among students and faculty at U of T, and also to promote U of T as an equitable and culturally diverse university to the greater Bangladeshi community. Aside from our large-scale flagship yearly theatrical performances, we organize an array of social activities and events that encourage creative expression, meeting new friends, making connections with the culture and raising funds for charitable projects. For international students, this group aims to create a forum for social networking and an easier transition into life abroad.


Fine Arts

Skule Arts Festival

Skule Arts Festival organizes an annual week-long arts exhibition and a coffee house, as well as multiple other events throughout the year. All of our events are free of charge as we will provide the necessary materials. Here at Skule Arts Festival, we hope to provide the means for engineering students at U of T to develop their creative side through various forms of art.

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Skule Improv Society

Skule Improv Society is a club that dedicates itself to the performance and training in the art form known as improvisational comedy. Our club consists of weekly workshops, stage performances as well as competitions. We encourage students to learn the skills of improvisation as it can translate to useful skills in the real world such as teamwork, careful listening and public speaking. We focus on creating a safe and non-judgemental environment to allow you to be as silly as you want, supported by the laughs of your peers! All in all, we commit in creating the most fun and dynamic club at UofT! So just be on the lookout for our events, join our Facebook page, or join our list by emailing! We hope we can see you there!

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Hobby and Interest

Club for Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering

As the oldest Biomedical Engineering focused club on campus, we strive to promote and educate undergraduate students about the various aspects of biomedical engineering. Our main objective is to demonstrate how each of the engineering disciplines is integrated into biomedical engineering, stressing that students from any discipline can pursue a career in the biomedical field. We host various seminars, competitions, and networking events throughout the year to expose our members to the different facets of the field, and in turn create a biomedical community of students, professors, and industry alumni.

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Skule's Got Talent

Skule’s Got Talent began around October 2011 where the idea of SGT was envisioned and a team came together. Our team believes in showcasing various facets of talent that the engineering community has on stage for everyone to celebrate. So, do you have an amazing skill or talent that you’ve always wanted to showcase? Whether you’re a dancer, a singer, a magician, or you simply enjoy hanging out with friends and watching the extraordinary acts of your engineering peers, Skule’s Got Talent is the club for you! Come out and experience Skule’s vibrant community of talented students!

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Skule™ Smash Club

Skule Smash is everything about the Super Smash Bros. series games! If you haven't heard of these games before, there are setups in just about every one of the engineering common rooms, where you can just pick up a controller and play! We also hold recurring tournaments, often held weekly in The Pit after class. To find out more about us check out our Facebook page or reach out to us via email:

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University of Toronto Emergency First Responders

UTEFR is a campus emergency response team at UofT St George. UTEFR's mission is to instill confidence in first aid treatment, to make first aid training readily available to the UofT St George Campus student body, and to provide quality pre-hospital first aid treatment on campus. This is done through first aid courses, workshops and providing patrol teams at events.

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University of Toronto Sports Analytics Group

The University of Toronto Sports Analytics Group (UTSPAN) is a university-recognized group composed of students, researchers, and faculty members who have an interest in the field of sports analytics.


The Engineers' Poet Society

To all the writers and artists in the dark ready for their voices to be heard and their stories to be told.

Mine Rescue Club

U of T Mine Rescue Club is a group of volunteers who are trained to act in the event of an emergency underground. Though the club training will be provided though Ontario Mine Rescue in the areas of fire fighting, search and rescue and extraction. Students will benefit from the club when seeking employment, as well as through the camaraderie of the mine rescue community.


Skule Juggling Club

The Skule Juggling Club provides the Skule community with a space to learn or master the art of juggling. No experience is required, and proficient jugglers are welcome to attend, teach, and practice. SJC is for anyone wanting a relaxing, low commitment extracurricular in a welcoming environment.


Skule Choir

Re-established in 2016 after a long hiatus, Skule Choir is an SATB mixed chorus performing a wide range of music. We are open to all members of the university community regardless of field of study, and to singers of all backgrounds and levels of skill. We hold weekly rehearsals with several performances throughout the year, including Skule events.

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Skule™ Orchestra

The Skule™ Orchestra is an ensemble in which talented musicians can have fun performing at an advanced level. The orchestra is formed of members of the university community, and performs at least once per semester. We aim to be an orchestra in which talented musicians can have fun performing at an advanced level. We are especially committed towards giving a venue for people would not normally have the opportunity to participate in orchestras or other musical performance activities.

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Stage Band

The 23-member, student run Skule™ Stage Band has been playing jazz to great acclaim at Skule™ events for over 30 years. These include the most celebrated dances of the year (Cannonball and Gradball) as well as Suds, Hart House, and local establishments. The Stage Band was established in 1983 by engineering student with help from Mr. Malcolm McGrath of the Skule™ Alumni Association. It is now the longest running Skule™ Music ensemble, welcoming anybody at UofT who enjoys playing and performing swing, big band, funk, latin, and other genres of jazz music. Due to a large turnout at last year's Open Rehearsal, we are planning on creating a second band (Stage Band Blue) with the goal of expanding the number of jazz musicians in engineering.

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U of T Music Clubs Initiative

We provide space for musicians to play, perform and meet others who love music


Professional Development

Association of Leadership in Chemical Engineering

AlCheme is a leadership development organization which goes by the motto of "you learn by doing it!". As part of AlCheme, members are able to further their organizational and leadership skills through our 3 elements: 1) AlCheme Education: As part of AlCheme, we invite many individuals who from different organizations across campus and/or outside the university to present a topic in leadership development in a lecture setting. Previous topics have included "Make the most out of Facebook!", "Calenders", "Know your leadership style, and lead with it". 2)AlCheme Idea: AlCheme members have weekly/Biweekly meetings, discussing potential events that could fit in the requirements of the engineering community and also, modify the previous events according to student feedback. This element helps the members to communicate their ideas, analyze event turnouts and modify them accodingly. 3) AlCheme Events: These are the organization and execution of the events resulted from the previous two elements which are usually done in groups. This elements combines all the leadership characteristics learned in the previous elements and puts them to use!

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Bioengineering Student Association (BESt)

The Bioengineering Student Association (BESt) is an undergraduate club focused on educating engineering students about the possibilities and avenues of research in the field of bioengineering. Different areas of bioengineering are explored through design competitions, workshops, professor talks and industry panels/mixers. One of the key mandates of BESt is to foster a community of undergraduate students and connect them with graduate researchers, alumni, professors and industry professionals. The mentorship program between undergraduate and IBBME graduate students has been a longstanding and successful tradition within BESt. This will not only encourage student engagement in bioengineering, but also create opportunities for professional development and growth.


Canadian Association of Food Engineers (CAFE)

The Canadian Association of Food Engineers is a club committed to supporting engineering and other U of T students interested in: • learning more about the food and beverage industry • contributing to the development of the industry through academic research and proposal of ideas • professionally entering the food and beverage industry We aim to do this by holding info sessions, networking events and holding a competition event that focuses on solving an industry problem.


CSCE (Canadian Society for Civil Engineering)

The CSCE chapter at UofT aims to bridge the gap between the student body and Civil Engineering related networks and industries through events such as guest lectures, networking sessions, workshops, and site visits.

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CSChE - Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering

The Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering (CSChE) U of T Student Chapter is the U of T branch of the national CSChE, a not-for-profit, technical association uniting chemical engineering professionals who work in industry, academia, and the government. Throughout the year, the student chapter organizes a wide diversity of events and programs to help prepare chemical engineering students socially, academically and professionally. These events are beneficial for all Chem Eng students as they offer an early insight into the professional world, and opportunities for strengthening bonds within the Chem Eng community at U of T. The society offers professional development and networking events like Chemical Engineering Sector Information Night where chemical engineers from different fields speak about their career paths as they relate to chemical engineering. CSChE also runs a Mentorship Program, designed to help students through their transition into first year and provide new professional and social opportunities! Follow our Facebook page “U of T – CSChE Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering" for our latest events and updates.

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Data Science Toronto

Data Science Toronto is committed to building and enriching the data science community at UofT. From seminars and workshops to inter-club engagements and practical projects, Data Science Toronto has something to offer to everyone interested in the sexiest job of the 21st century.


Galbraith Society

The Galbraith Society is focused on improving the academic experience of engineering students enrolled at the University of Toronto by providing opportunities for highly motivated students to gain exposure to their fields of interest through workshops, mentorship programs, and events that appeal to their passion for engineering and research. The primary objective is to develop students’ professional development skills beyond the classroom experience by: a) providing unique research opportunities and technical advancements through the Research Experience program, b) providing a forum to display academic work through the Undergraduate Engineering Journal initiative, and c) promoting the importance of innovation and integrative thinking by the various workshops and symposiums hosted throughout the year.

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IEEE University of Toronto Student Branch

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is a worldwide organization dedicated to fostering technical innovation by providing essential technical resources and professional services to their members. In particular, the IEEE UofT student branch hosts events such as design competitions, workshops and networking sessions to aid students in their journey within and beyond the university. The focus of the IEEE UofT Student branch strives to provide resources for students to explore their own technical and professional growth.

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MechEngage is a team dedicated to helping mechanical engineering students develop themselves professionally! We host events and talks that allow students to learn technical skills that are widely used in industry, or help them to network with industry professionals.

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National Society of Black Engineers

With more than 23,000 members worldwide, the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), founded in 1975, is the largest student-managed non-profit organization in the world. NSBE has more than 300 chapters on college and university campuses and more than 80 Alumni Extension chapters and interest groups in the U.S., Africa, Asia, Canada, Europe and the Caribbean. Every NSBE chapter has the same mission: To increase the number of culturally responsible Black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community. NSBE offers its members leadership training, professional development, mentoring opportunities, career placement services and more. The NSBE University of Toronto Chapter (NSBE UofT) founded in 1999 is the largest chapter in Toronto. NSBE is also one of three Canadian chapters in Region 1.


Rational Capital Investment Fund

Rational Capital Investment Fund is the oldest student-run value investment fund at the University of Toronto. The club offers its members educational seminars and hands-on application in the portfolio management and investment research processes. It was established with a vision to enable university students with an interest in investing to gain practical experience with finance and capital market analysis.

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Society of Petroleum Engineers University of Toronto Chapter

SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers) Student Chapter at U of T will link U of T students with the professional section in Calgary and 210 other professional sections worldwide. Benefits include scholarship, mentorship and networking opportunities.

Sustainable Engineers Association

Fueled by the drive to increase interest and awareness about Sustainability, the Sustainable Engineers Association (SEA) has grown to be the foremost Sustainability oriented club in the University of Toronto since its establishment in 2009. SEA acts as a platform to connect individuals to the Sustainability field, both on an academic, and an industry-wide level. The mission of SEA is to empower students and professionals with knowledge, experience, a network, and ultimately passion within the domain of sustainable development. SEA host numerous events throughout the year, partners with other internal and external sustainability organizations, and provides opportunities for students to collaborate with students from other disciplines on university-wide sustainability initiatives. Our initiatives include student competitions, projects, industry tours, seminars, Curriculum Enrichment, career fairs, and the annual Sustainability conference.

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The Institute of Industrial & Systems Engineers

The Institute of Industrial & Systems Engineers is a professional society dedicated to the development and support of the industrial engineering profession. With chapters around the globe, on corporate, professional, and student level, IISE is the largest worldwide non-profit organization of industrial engineers. Chapter 889, the University of Toronto’s own IISE chapter, is a student-run professional club dedicated to helping industrial engineering students begin and develop their careers. Throughout the academic year, IISE U of T chapter hosts various professional development and networking events, aiming to help students expand their network and receive training of technical skills in high demand. Annual events include the Deloitte-sponsored Business Acceleration Course, the Lean and Six Sigma certification workshops, and the IISE National Student Conference where Canadian IISE chapters congregate to participate in competitions, plant tours, networking events, and industry talks. In addition, IISE UofT invites industry professionals and academic experts each year to speak to students about potential career paths. Please visit the events page for a detailed list of past and upcoming events. IISE U of T is committed to provide Industrial Engineering students at the University of Toronto with a wealth of opportunities to explore possible career paths and to improve career outlook by engaging in tailored, meaningful experiences.

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University of Toronto Business Association

The University of Toronto Business Association (UTBA) is a non-for-profit student-run organization which aims to bridge the gap between the academia and business world. Our mission is to create a central hub for students who are passionate about business across different disciplines. We provide education about different business areas and concepts, introduce relevant career opportunities, teach essential skills to excel in these fields and help students practice such skills in professional settings. Most importantly, by creating an advanced network of peers, alumni and reputable industry leaders for our students, we provide them the chance of continuous growth along their career paths. We achieve our mission through organizing speaker panels, workshops, networking sessions, annual conferences and case competitions throughout the year.


University of Toronto Consulting Association

With more than 2,000 members from all academic backgrounds and existing relationships with 10+ consulting firms, UTCA is the primary resource at the University of Toronto for students interested in pursuing a career in consulting. Over the past year alone, UTCA members have secured offers from top consulting firms like BCG, Bain, and Monitor Deloitte. If you're interested in learning more, check us out on our website ( or our Facebook page. If you have any questions, please email us at

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University of Toronto Engineering Finance Association

UTEFA offers engineering students a means to explore the world of finance and capital markets for those that are interested in a related career or want to know more about the finance world that is often foreign to them. Banks as well as other financial organizations are taking a keen interest in engineering undergraduate students. However, these students do not necessarily have the financial literacy/ finance related knowledge to demonstrate their fit within these institutions. The club uses practical tools and methods to value stocks and offers hands on experience in trading these stocks with a member-funded account. No financial experience or knowledge is required.


University of Toronto Engineering Toastmasters (UTET)

UTET provides a welcoming and supportive environment for fellow students to develop their public speaking and leadership skills. At our weekly meetings members will be giving prepared and improvised speeches following the guidelines and structure of Toastmasters International. Members will receive receive feedback on how to improve their public speaking skills from their peers and experienced club members. Furthermore, through organizing weekly meetings as well as several events during the year UTET provides an opportunity for members to develop their team-work and leadership skills.


University of Toronto Industry Insights (UTII)

UTII (University of Toronto Industry Insights) is a student initiative that holds lectures to educate students on the various industry sectors. Each lecture explores a single industry in an unbiased manner, covering the basics, all the moving parts and current trends. UTII will not glamorize or shun any industry, but instead, explore the industry through a lens of objectivity. The club's mandate is to present students with factual information so that they can make informed decisions about investing time and money into their career paths.


University of Toronto Ontario Water Works Association-Student Chapter

The Ontario Water Works Association Student Chapter at the University of Toronto (U of T OWWA-SC) provides students with opportunities to learn about the water industry while building their technical knowledge and leadership skills as well as networking with industry professionals. Our group hosts professional seminars, panel discussions, and tours that help students understand different aspects of the water industry.


University of Toronto Student Branch of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc (ASHRAE)

ASHRAE is a global organization dedicated to advancing building performance through integrating energy efficiency, sustainability, and indoor air quality in building systems design. As an industry leading society, ASHRAE's standards and guidelines are used worldwide. Our student chapter hosts events and tours providing skills development and industry networking opportunities.

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Water Environment Association of Ontario- U of T Chapter

The Water Environment Association of Ontario (WEAO) is a province-wide network of technical and professional workers dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of Ontario's water environment. It includes engineers, consultants, operators, government officials, and researchers. Through publications, conferences, and regular meetings, WEAO is the best way to get and stay connected to the water pollution controlindustry in Ontario. UT-WEAO was the first student chapter of WEAO, and continues to be among the most active in the province. The chapter provides excellent opportunities for students interested in the water quality, wastewater treatment, pollution control and water reuse. Students can improve their knowledge in these areas through educational seminars, site tours, interaction with current professionals in the field and other networking opportunities. We report to WEAO's Young Professionals Committee, which provides resources for members with less than 10 years of experience in the industry, including undergraduate and graduate students. Through our monthly seminars and social events, UT-WEAO provides everything needed to get started in the industry.

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Women in Science and Engineering (WISE)

The University of Toronto’s Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) looks to promote the education of women in the fields of science and engineering. To develop women’s leadership skills, confidence, and involvement in research and technology, WISE focuses on building a supportive community of men and women through a number of initiatives.

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Toronto Students Advancing Aerospace (TSAA)

Toronto Students for the Advancement of Aerospace is an inter-university student organization striving to promote the advancement of aerospace through student leadership and initiative. The organization looks to host an annual conference with talks from industry leading professionals, innovators, and ambitious students with the goal of inspiring the leaders of tomorrow. This TSAA conference is designed to facilitate a dialogue between aerospace students and industry professionals about how, by getting more involved, students can better supplement their education, prepare for entry into the workforce, and make meaningful contributions to the aerospace industry.


University of Toronto Math and Physics Club

The purpose of the UTMPC is to promote and generate awareness in mathematics and physics as well as to connect students across disciplines. These goals will be accomplished by holding a variety of gatherings including workshops, talks, seminars, debates, and competitions.

University of Toronto Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (UT-EERI) Student Chapter

The purpose, objectives, mission and/or mandate of UT-EERI is to promote the advancement and study of earthquake engineering through a connected community of undergraduates, graduates, professors, industry members, and the community at large through Chapter activities. These activities include: hosting relevant academic and industry leaders to present on topics of earthquake engineering, participate in educational outreach programs, and hosting workshops on advanced topics in earthquake engineering for the fourth-year undergraduate students. To learn more about our group, please email us at


Human Factors Interest Group (HFIG)

The Human Factors Interest Group (HFIG) is a student chapter of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFES) at the University of Toronto. Each year we host a variety of activities including distinguish lecture series, career events, research symposiums, industry tours, and networking and social events.


We4Others is a student organization that consists of UofT students who are enthusiastic about helping immigrant women and international students who need assistance in adjusting to Canadian society. We4Others hold career development workshops and motivational speaker series events geared towards immigrant women and female international students. Contact: Sophia Ryoo (



SettleIn is a non-profit organization that seeks to help students succeed in Toronto. We do this by offering orientation services and career mentorship with a working professional. For more information please visit .

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