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Skule™ Badminton Club
Skule™ Badminton Club is the official badminton club for students, faculty and alumni in the University of Toronto, Canada. We aim to promote the game & sport of badminton by holding regular practices & organizing ladder competitions/tournaments while promoting high standards of scholarship, leadership character & striving for the spirit of sportsmanship & fellowship among the members. We would like to cooperate & interact with other badminton associations, organizations, clubs, & players across Canada to create an organized environment for playing badminton at both, a recreational & competitive level. We also offer information on and opportunities for members to participate in tournaments outside of the club. Contact: Page:
Iron Dragons
The Iron Dragons provides engineering students with a means to learn and compete in the sport of dragon boating. Members train in the gym and learn how to paddle during the school year. Racing takes place over the summer between May and August, where the team competes at the Canadian National Championships in the University and U24 divisions. For anyone looking to meet new people, try a new sport, or get fit, the Iron Dragons has you covered. Contact: Page:
UofT Ironsports
The purpose of U of T IronSports is to help provide support and opportunities to students who are interested in strength training. Our mission is to help relieve stress and frustration by facilitating students’ participation in a physical activity that provides numerous physical and health benefits. We are motivated by all of the hard work that our members put into developing physical and mental strength throughout the year. This includes seeing members achieve new personal bests at our training days and gain new knowledge at our educational seminars. We are also motivated by the success of our current members at local, provincial, national and even international competitions! Contact: Page:
University of Toronto Rock Climbing and Bouldering Club
The club provide opportunities for people who rock climb or interested in rock climbing to meet up and go to a weekly climbing session. Contact:


Power to Change Engineers
Engineers at U of T are known for our capabilities in solving problems with innovative minds, from humanities to scientific issues. Power to Change Engineers is an interdenominational Christian group that is dedicated to serving engineering students by helping them solve life’s toughest questions. We want to be a spiritual resource to engineers, giving all students an opportunity to think about spiritual issues, as well as helping Christians grow in their faith. Join us in our weekly meeting where we gather and discuss life's larger questions, recurring every Thursday at 5:30-7:00pm in Wycliffe College, Sheraton Hall. Also, join us in our weekly in-depth study on the Christian faith! Time and location TBA. Be on the lookout for our booth at clubs day, and email us at for more information or to join our mailing list ( Follow us on to get our latest event updates! Contact:
Engineers Without Borders University of Toronto Chapter (EWB UofT)
EWB UofT is striving to address social injustices where there are difficult constraints, diverse stakeholders, and no clear solutions. How do we do this? We offer a year long curriculum to our members to give them fundamental knowledge of global development. We then support them in applying this knowledge through ownership of socially impactful projects in Canada or overseas. EWB operates at UofT to grow leaders that will have positive impact on failing social systems across the world Contact: Page:
Volunteer Engineering Experience Program
The Volunteer Engineering Experience Program partners university students with GTA not-for-profits. Through real-world technical engineering design opportunities, students apply and develop technical skills. Students work in teams of four on meaningful projects contributing to not-for-profits and their causes, while being supported by professional development workshops hosted by ILead, the University of Toronto Career Centre and the Centre for Community Partnerships. Contact:
Students Fighting Cancer
Students Fighting Cancer aims at creating a borderless front against cancer by raising awareness about this disease. We believe that we should leverage modern-day technology and combine it with the diverse academic community here in Canada in order to shed light on this universal issue. We want to create a web of closely connected and highly devoted volunteers worldwide who help transfer knowledge and experience all over the globe, especially to developing countries where help is needed the most. We are all in this together regardless of race, religion, ethnic background or personal beliefs. Contact:
NSight Mentorship Program
NSight is a student-run mentorship program that aims to provide support for first year Engineering Science students. It has been our experience that there are some questions that can only be answered by those students who have gone through what first year student are facing. Contact: Page:
MIE Mentorship
Mission Statement To provide valuable guidance to first year Mechanical and Industrial Engineering students in an effort to enhance their experience in Skule, create lasting relationships with upper years and achieve success in their undergraduate studies. Benefits for First Year Students Network within the MIE community and make new friends Build lasting relationships with upper year students Get advice on summer jobs, extra-curricular activities, and university life Get opinions on your future in MIE and insight into the various streams offered in both departments Benefits for Upper Year Students Develop valuable leadership and interpersonal skills Become involved in engineering life in a meaningful way Help fellow MIE students succeed in engineering by passing on valuable knowledge Contact: Page:
Engineering World Health, University of Toronto Chapter
Engineering World Health, University of Toronto Chapter (EWH UofT) aims to inspire and mobilize the student community to improve health care in low and middle income countries. The three primary focus areas of EWH UofT are: 1) Engineering - Evaluate and repair medical equipment using engineering expertise; 2) Education - Raise awareness and educate students about healthcare problems in these countries; 3) Innovation - Innovate new solutions and design new technologies for global health applications. Contact: Page:
Suits U
Our mission at Suits U is to break the stereotype of the sloppily-dressed university student. We do this by providing students with professional business attire at budget-friendly prices. Our clothes are hand-picked from our collection of donations from retailers and industry professionals. We hold events where we showcase our inventory to students, teach them how to make a great first impression, and help them find the perfect business outfit. The students purchase our clothing at highly discounted prices, knowing that all proceeds from the sale are donated to local charities that empower at-risk youth in Toronto. We believe that with our ability to provide exclusive attire at inclusive prices, we can give students an equal and fair opportunity at a first impression. Contact: Page:
Project Include
Project Include is a non-profit student initiative aiming to make coding fun and accessible to everyone. We strive to provide people without any prior knowledge of code the opportunity to learn computer science regardless of socio-economic class, race, or age. Through workshops, mini-courses, and boot camps run by enthusiastic University of Toronto STEM students, our students will be encouraged to explore the world of coding, learn marketable technological skills, and challenge themselves to learn something new. Contact:


University of Toronto Korean Engineering Students' Association
Korean Engineering Student’s Association (KESA) is a proudly recognized organization at the University of Toronto. Founded in 1981, KESA is dedicated to promote excellence in academics, Korean culture and positive social communications. KESA members include both graduate and undergraduate students who work towards strengthening networking connections among themselves. Throughout the year, KESA hosts many social events and seminars for the members, which are highly beneficial. Contact: Page:
University of Toronto Muslim Students' Association
Contact: Page:
University of Toronto Mandarin Chinese Christian Fellowship
Contact: Page:
Association of Chinese Engineers
East Essence Society
Contact: Page:
Indian Students Society
Contact: Page:
Bangladeshi Students’ Association
The Bangladeshi Students’ Association aims to promote Bangladeshi culture among students and faculty at U of T, and also to promote U of T as an equitable and culturally diverse university to the greater Bangladeshi community. Aside from our large-scale flagship yearly theatrical performances, we organize an array of social activities and events that encourage creative expression, meeting new friends, making connections with the culture and raising funds for charitable projects. For international students, this group aims to create a forum for social networking and an easier transition into life here. Contact:
Engineering French Conversation Club
The Engineering French Conversation Club provides a relaxed and friendly environment for UofT students to practice their French, no matter their skill level. Contact:

Fine Arts

Skule Arts Festival
Skule Arts Festival (SAF), is a student club at the University of Toronto dedicated to connecting engineering students with art. Our mission is to bridge the gap between engineering and art, to foster creative thinking and artistic development alongside these studies and to, ultimately, show that these subjects can – and sometimes must – go hand in hand. As such, we provide the means for engineering students at U of T to develop their creative side through various forms of art. The main event of Skule Arts Festival is a week-long art exhibit in late January-early February, as well as a coffee house hosted during the week of the exhibit. In addition, SAF hosts talks, workshops, photowalks, and other events where students from engineering and other areas of study can meet to learn, develop, and practice their artistic skills. Examples of events include watercolour tutorials, engineering sketching tutorials, figure drawing sessions, sketching tours, AGO trips etc. Lastly, during festival week, SAF holds a charity art auction where artists can choose to auction their work, donating at least 40% of the proceeds to a charitable organization that helps bring art to the community. Contact: Page:
Engineering Movie Club
Spanning from classics to contemporary film, the Engineering Move Club is dedicated to watching and discussing movies in a positive and welcoming space. We hold open forums for the purpose of examination and analysis of film theory, practice, and approaches to the study of cinema. Contact: Page:
Skule Arts Festival
The Skule Arts Festival is a club dedicated to bridging the gap between Art and Engineering. We host art workshops year round and a week long festival to showcase the talents of artistic engineers and help them improve. We also offer leadership oppurtunities for engineers who want to lead their own artistic events Contact: Page:
Skule's Improv-fesionals
We are a club that commits to create an inclusive environment where we celebrate failure and create laughter through the art of improvised comedy. We welcome people of all levels to come and learn very translatable skills of public speaking, teamwork and listening. We have workshops, shows and socials throughout the year for you to come out and enjoy being silly! Contact: Page:

Hobby and Interest

Skule Dance Club
SDC is a club aimed at engineers (but open to all members of the UofT community) that have a passion for any dance, from hip-hop to tango, from ballet to bhangra. Our club, which has been running since October 2013, hosts of weekly sessions where members of the UofT community, selected as teachers for their experience, will teach beginner-level dance classes. Skule Dance Club provides a great starting point for those interested in dance. By offering a variety of dance styles, we create an environment where everyone can be a beginner, and students will always find styles that interest them. By allowing undergraduates students to teach, we are able to both diversify our team and create a close-knit community, while enriching the arts and culture of the UofT community. Contact: Page:
Skule Pokémon League
The Skule Pokémon League is a club aimed, but not limited to, engineering students who want to be the very best at the videogame Pokémon. The main focus is the game's competitive battling aspect: aspiring trainers get together with their peers weekly to immerse themselves in games of friendly monster combat. However, SPL also serves as a central hub for casual fans of Pokémon; students can discuss, trade, and play the games with each other. Creativity, planning and determination all come into play when participating in the Skule Pokémon League, and serves as a great source of entertainment. Contact:
University of Toronto Boomerang Design Club
U of T Boomerang Design Club will introduce engineers to the magic of returning boomerangs! These flying devices, popular around the world, are made of various materials such as wood, metal and plastic. The science behind them is surprisingly complex, and if built correctly, they will return gently to the user when thrown with an elliptical orbit of radius approximately 20m. The club will explore the thousands of different boomerang designs and experiment with different materials to construct and test them throughout the semester. Possible opportunities for students include learning how to 3D print, learning basic machining techniques, attending competitions, and meeting with world-leading experts in boomerang construction. Contact: Page:
Skule Juggling Club
A club devoted to improving juggling skills from experts to beginners, in a welcoming environment. A great club for anyone looking to have fun, relax, and learn a great new skill along the way. Contact: Page:
Hacker Academy
Our organization offers hackathons, programming competitions and weekly talks. We strive to provide an environment in which students can develop and engage their interests in technologist developments, programming, and the role of technology, particularly software, in our lives and society at large. We live by the hacker culture, which is all about promoting and practicing cleverness and creativity, having an inquisitive attitude, sharing knowledge, and hands-on learning. Contact: Page:
Fly with Origami, Learn to Dream (UTFOLD)
Since 2007, Fly with Origami, Learn to Dream (UTFOLD) has been committed to introducing and promoting the entertainment and educational values of origami with emphasis on hands-on exploration and creative thinking, on and off the UTSG campus. We provide ample learning opportunities for the making of origami for students through hosting monthly-themed workshops, classroom-styled lessons for popular designs, and origami-related social events. Origami enthusiasts of all levels are welcomed as our models vary in level week-to-week. We also work towards disintegrating the common perception of origami as only a hobby activity at our workshops by engaging students in the mathematical, technical, and artistic aspects of origami. Contact: Page:
University of Toronto Emergency First Responders
UTEFR's mission is to instil confidence in first aid treatment, to make first aid training readily available to the University of Toronto St George Campus student body, and to provide quality pre-hospital first aid treatment on campus. Contact: Page:
Skule Smash Bros.
We are Skule Smash Bros., the meeting place of all competitive smash bros players at the University of Toronto. We host weekly tournaments for Melee as well as larger tournaments every once in a while, for a variety of smash games. We encourage everyone to come out and play, we have some spare controllers if you don't have any. Learn, play, win! Contact: Page:
Skule’s Got Talent (SGT)
Do you have an amazing skill or talent that you’ve always wanted to showcase? Whether you’re a dancer, a singer, a magician, or you simply enjoy hanging out with friends and watching the extraordinary acts of your engineering peers, Skule’s Got Talent is the club for you! Come out and experience Skule’s vibrant community of talented students! Contact: Page:
Bioengineering Student Association (BESt)
The field of bioengineering is broad, providing career opportunities and experiences for engineers of every discipline. However, specifically at the undergraduate level, there is little emphasis on the potential for biological applications to engineering and few resources available for engineers interested in this field. The primary goal of the Bioengineering Student (BESt) Association is to foster interest in, as well as educate students about bioengineering. Through hosting workshops and showcasing possible career paths via talks led by experts in the field, we aim to expose students to industry and research leaders and facilitate their communication and interaction. Contact: Page:
University of Toronto Outing Club
The University of Toronto Outing Club (UTOC) is a not-for-profit, non university-affiliated organization founded in 1957 by U of T students. We pride ourselves in being a friendly, welcoming community offering frequent, inexpensive weekend and day trips to many parts of Ontario (and sometimes beyond), with longer trips involving camping and hiking in provincial/national parks. Our most popular weekend trips are the group excursions to the cabin (located near the Georgian Bay - learn more in the next section), with trip sizes varying from 5-6 people to our occasional large trips of 30-35. The club also organizes regular social events within the city of Toronto for members and non-members alike, such as our monthly pub social. Contact: Page:


Tales of Harmonia
Tales of Harmonia is a mixed 30-voice auditioned choir that aims to not only provide talented musicians with the opportunity to pursue excellence in music within a friendly, focused environment, but alongside individuals who share the one other common bond that binds us all and unites us as one – our collective power to geek out about the various insanities of life. Tales of Harmonia strives to provide an eclectic experience by celebrating music in all its beauty, glory, and majesty! Contact: Page:
Skule™ Orchestra
Skule™ Orchestra is a symphonic orchestra in which talented instrumentalists have fun performing musical masterpieces. This year, we will hold weekly rehearsals and perform in three major events. Our season opens with a Pops concert, followed by Moment, the Valentine’s Ball, and concluding with Symphonic Boom at which we perform our most demanding repertoire. We will also hold clinics, a concerto competition, trips to local concerts and operas, and social events. Skule™ Orchestra serves as a place where students who play an instrument can continue their musical pursuits even while pursuing an engineering degree, and meet others who share similar interests. Skule™ Orchestra helps to attract students who have a breadth of interests to the faculty. Contact: Page:
Skule Stageband
With more than 30 years of history under its belt, the Skule Stageband is not the jazz band you had in highschool, nor is it the jazz band you expected to have in university. The Stageband is a completely student-organized big band that invites all Engineering students who seek to develop their interest and skill in music. The Stageband frequently plays music spanning a huge range of genres, from bebop to funk to Latin and everything in between. Gone are the days of winter and spring concerts as well; the Stageband plays multiple gigs throughout the year, from Cannonball to Dinner Dances, Halloween SUDS, weddings, bars, and Hart House's Arbor Room. Contact: Page:
University of Toronto Music Clubs Initiative
U of T MCI is a music club where students can meet to perform and practice music together. The club is an avenue for students who enjoy diverse genres such as rock, pop, jazz, and classical music to express their musical interests and find others who share them. We host about five shows during the school year, three informal jam sessions and two formal shows. Students are invited to perform and watch each other’s performances. We also provide opportunities for executive and general members to gain leadership experience through helping to organize the events of the club. Contact:
Skule Choir
We are an auditioned mixed-voice choir that rehearses weekly and performs a wide range of music, including classical, contemporary classical, and world music. While our membership consists mainly of engineering students, singers from all parts of U of T are welcome! Contact:
Appassionata Music Group
Appassionata is a non-profit, volunteer organization founded by students from the University of Toronto with a passion for music. We give classical music performances in local hospitals, community centers, and senior care homes free of charge, giving patients and residents more opportunities to enjoy live concerts. We have also performed at faculty events, including the 2012-2016 EngSci Alumni Dinners, attended by over 130 Engineering Science alumni every year. Since our first concert in 2010, our organization has grown to include students from a wide range of programs, including Engineering, International Relations, Physics, and of course, Music. We've performed at over 40 events over the past 5 years, and have many more performances planned for the 2016-2017 season! Contact: Page:

Professional Development

Galbraith Society
The Galbraith Society is focused on improving the academic experience of student engineers enrolled at the University of Toronto by providing opportunities for highly motivated students to gain exposure to their fields of interest through workshops, mentorship programs, and events that appeal to their passion for engineering and research. The primary objective is to develop students’ professional development skills beyond the classroom experience by: a) providing unique research opportunities and technical advancements through the Research Experience program, b) providing a forum to display academic work through the Undergraduate Engineering Journal initiative, and c) promoting the importance of innovation and integrative thinking by the various workshops and symposiums hosted throughout the year. Contact: Page:
University of Toronto Ontario Water Works Association Student Chapter
The OWWA Student Chapter (OWWASC) at the University of Toronto is a student-run group that was established in 2005 and is supported by the OWWA Young Professionals Committee (YPC). The Chapter provides students with opportunities to learn about the water industry while building their technical knowledge and leadership skills, and networking with industry professionals. Contact: Page:
TechXplore is a student-led organization that aims to help our UofT peers develop and expand their technological skill set to pursue diverse career opportunities. Our goal is to expose students to what is “out there” and trending in technology. We work with students to develop their "tech" skills that range from programming to graphic designing in a fun, hands-on, and empowering environment. Our events consist mostly of workshops and expos where students feel comfortable asking questions and learning about the latest in technology. Contact: Page:
Water Environment Association of Ontario
WEAO -Water Environment Association of Ontario- is a professional organization dedicated to advancing a 'sustainable water environment' . Our WEAO student chapter provides an opportunity for passionate individuals to learn about the water industry and connect with water industry professionals. Contact: Page:
Society of Petroleum Engineers - UofT Student Chapter
The Society of Petroleum Engineers - UofT Student Chapter is dedicated to both educating students about the oil and gas industry in Canada and acting as a liaison between students and industry through networking events, competitions, and conferences. The club's primary goals are to provide technological and industrial knowledge to students so that they are more informed and capable individuals within the energy field after graduation. Contact: Page:
Multidisciplinary Analytical Kinesthetic Education (M.A.K.E.)
MAKE aims to apply scientific concepts relevant to first year engineering curriculum to practical projects. We hold sessions covering multidisciplinary engineering topics, providing students the opportunity to learn principles behind real world applications by building prototypes. We also focus on the design aspect of engineering, an important skill usually under-emphasized in a classroom setting. Through our events, engineering students will gain a better understanding of each engineering discipline as well as realize the applicability of their first year engineering education at U of T. Contact: Page:
University of Toronto Student Branch of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc (ASHRAE U of T)
ASHRAE U of T is the University of Toronto’s student branch of the American Society for Heating Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers. Our focus is to connect students with industry and to encourage professional development. Activities include a yearly career fair, site tours and seminars. Contact: Page:
University of Toronto Energy Network
The University of Toronto Energy Network (UTEN) is a forum for students to interact with professionals and experts in the energy industry. Our events explore the current challenges and opportunities in the energy sector locally and globally. Contact: Page:
Materials Industry Club
The Materials Industry Club is a student-run organization with the mission of connecting University of Toronto engineering students, both in the undergraduate and graduate levels, to industry professionals, be they in a research environment or a formal workplace setting. The club has done this by hosting events such as talks, plant tours and speaker events to facilitate students to think about their careers past their university degree. MIC serves as the student chapter of ASM, TMS, ACerS, AIST, SMTA and MetSoc. Contact: Page:
Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (Chapter 0889)
The Institute of Industrial Engineers and Systems Engineers (formerly IIE) is the largest worldwide non-profit organization of Industrial Engineers. IISE U of T is University of Toronto’s very own chapter of this organization. We are a student-run professional club dedicated to get you on the right track to your dream career. We connect you to your future employers and help you become an attractive candidate to them by holding various networking events and professional development workshops. Contact: Page:
CSChE - Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering
The Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering (CSChE) U of T Student Chapter is the U of T branch of the national CSChE, a not-for-profit, technical association uniting chemical engineering professionals who work in industry, academia, and the government. Throughout the year, the student chapter organizes a wide diversity of events and programs to help prepare chemical engineering students socially, academically and professionally. These events are beneficial for all Chem Eng students as they offer an early insight into the professional world, and opportunities for strengthening bonds within the Chem Eng community at U of T. The society offers professional development and networking events like Chemical Engineering Sector Information Night where chemical engineers from different fields speak about their career paths as they relate to chemical engineering. CSChE also runs a Mentorship Program, designed to help students through their transition into first year and provide new professional and social opportunities! For information on all of our events be sure to check the CSChE wall in WB242 and like our Facebook page “U of T – CSChE Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering." Contact: Page:
Rational Capital Investment Fund
Rational Capital is a student-run investment fund at the University of Toronto with $50,000 dollars under management from private investors. We are an investment club that offers practical and relevant knowledge that can compliment your university curriculum. We offer a series of lectures, seminars, and events that teach you the essential concepts to successful investing and give you the foundation to manage your personal finances. The skills that we teach you are highly transferable and applicable. The program requires no prior knowledge or academic background! Our most prominent feature is the Analyst Program. Through an application process, this is an exclusive opportunity for those who have an interest in the investment management industry. This program is instructed by an executive who has had years of extensive experience in asset management and has an excellent track record of sending our members to the buy-side. Within this program, you will gain hands on experience in valuation, advanced accounting, and financial modelling, through a series of real life case studies. We hope to give you an opportunity to differentiate yourself in an industry that is highly performance driven and competitive, as well as to broaden your knowledge. Contact: Page:
Sustainable Engineers Association
Fuelled by the drive to increase interest and awareness about Sustainability within the student body, the Sustainable Engineers Association has grown to be the foremost Sustainability oriented club in the University of Toronto since its establishment in 2009. SEA acts as a platform to connect students to the Sustainability field, both on an academic and on an industry-wide level. The mission of the Sustainable Engineers’ Association (SEA) is to empower students with knowledge, interest, passion, and ultimately experience within the domain of sustainable development. SEA host numerous events throughout the year, partners with other University of Toronto sustainability organizations, and provides opportunities for students to collaborate with students in other disciplines and faculties on university-wide sustainability initiatives. Contact: Page:
Nspire Innovation Network is Canada’s largest student-run non-profit organization in the business and technology space. Contact: Page:
IEEE University of Toronto Student Branch
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is a worldwide organization dedicated to fostering technical innovation by providing essential technical resources and professional services to their members. In particular, the UofT IEEE student branch provides students with knowledge, initiatives and experiences to aid them in their journey beyond university. The focus of the IEEE UofT Student branch strives to provide a forum and resources for students to explore their own technical and professional growth. Contact: Page:
University of Toronto Analytics and Data Science Club
According to Forbes, Data Scientist is the best job to pursue in 2016. More and more companies are collecting vast amounts of data, but few people can apply statistical tools to unearth patterns and compile them into a report. UofT Analytics & Data Science Club helps you navigate the growing field of Big Data and Analytics by participating in competitions, recommending courses and developing industry relationships through interaction with guest speakers. Ultimately giving you a leg up in a world increasingly turning to data for decision making. Contact:
Canadian Association of Food Engineers
CAFE supports the academic, professional, and social needs of the students interested in Food Engineering and the Food & Beverage Industry in general. We host a variety of events throughout the year. Contact:
Club for Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering (CUBE)
CUBE (Club for Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering) is a student-run club whose mandate is to promote biomedical engineering at the undergraduate level. With over 400 members from different programs and faculties, we aim to disseminate knowledge pertaining to the biomedical field as well as to serve as a point of contact between students, researchers and industry. This is accomplished by hosting events such as information sessions on the latest cutting-edge research in the fields of biomedical engineering, medicine and biotechnology; attending international conferences in related areas; networking with industry leaders during held speaker seminars; and touring various industrial plants, hospitals and laboratories. Contact: Page:
University of Toronto Consulting Association
The University of Toronto Consulting Association (UTCA) aims to educate students about the field of consulting and raise awareness about the career opportunities available within the industry. We provide the opportunity to learn, network, and build relationships by hosting numerous events such as case sessions, panel nights, mock interviews, and our annual Business Case Competition. The Volunteer Consulting Group (VCG) matches top students with local non-profits to solve problems in various areas. Visit our website at for more information. Contact: Page:
University of Toronto Engineering Toastmasters (UTET)
UTET serves U of T students from all disciplines. We provide a welcoming and supportive environment for fellow students to develop their public speaking and leadership skills. By giving prepared and improvised speeches, our meetings are chances to become strong and capable communicators. Interested students are free to observe and participate in our meetings as guests. We look forward to seeing you! Contact: Pages: and
Mechanical Engineering Club
The Mechanical Engineering Club is the discipline club geared towards serving the undergrad mechanical engineering students by providing academic resources to improve your experience in classes and social events to help you de-stress and enjoy your overall Skule life. The Club, through your class representatives, act as the bridge between the voice of the students and the Department/Faculty, ensuring that any concerns or feedback is communicated openly and addressed in a satisfactory manner. Contact: Page:
Women In Science and Engineering (WISE)
WISE wants to promote awareness of, and to create a sense of community for women pursuing careers in Science and Engineering. WISE U of T is committed to creating and participating in events that promote educational and social values in harmony with those of the University. We work towards creating networks _x000c_of female students, faculty and professionals, both within the University and across Canada, which will act as support groups and as a valuable resource of skills and knowledge for our members. Contact: Page:
National Society of Black Engineers
With more than 23,000 members worldwide, the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), founded in 1975, is the largest student-managed non-profit organization in the world. NSBE has more than 300 chapters on college and university campuses and more than 80 Alumni Extension chapters and interest groups in the U.S., Africa, Asia, Canada, Europe and the Caribbean. Every NSBE chapter has the same mission: To increase the number of culturally responsible Black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community. NSBE offers its members leadership training, professional development, mentoring opportunities, career placement services and more. University of Toronto NSBE Chapter Founded in 1999, NSBE University of Toronto (NSBE U of T) is the largest chapter in Toronto. NSBE U of T is also a part of NSBE Canada and NSBE Region 1. Objectives: - Stimulate and develop programs that increase minority participation in the field of engineering - Increase the number of students studying engineering and applied science at both the undergraduate and graduate levels - Provide networking and other progressive social activities. -Promote the professional development and academic achievement of our members Contact: Page:
University of Toronto Engineering Finance Association
UTEFA offers engineering students a means to explore the world of finance and capital markets for those that are interested in a related career or want to know more about the finance world that is often foreign to them. Banks as well as other financial organizations are taking a keen interest in engineering undergraduate students. However, these students do not necessarily have the financial literacy/ finance related knowledge to demonstrate their fit within these institutions. The club uses practical tools and methods to value stocks and offers hands on experience in trading these stocks with a member-funded account. No financial experience or knowledge is required. Contact: Page:
University of Toronto Business Association
The University of Toronto Business Association (UTBA) is a non-for-profit student-run organization which aims to bridge the gap between the academia and business world. Our mission is to create a central hub for students who are passionate about business across different disciplines. We provide education about different business areas and concepts, introduce relevant career opportunities, teach essential skills to excel in these fields and help students practice such skills in professional settings. Most importantly, by creating an advanced network of peers, alumni and reputable industry leaders for our students, we provide them the chance of continuous growth along their career paths. We achieve our mission through organizing speaker panels, workshops, networking sessions, annual conferences and case competitions throughout the year. Contact: Page:
The Association of Leadership in Chemical Engineering (ALChemE)
The Association of Leadership in Chemical Engineering (ALChemE) provides an open environment for undergraduate chemical engineering students to develop professional leadership competencies, learn how to successfully plan and organize events, and bring new initiatives in the Chemical Engineering Community. ALChemE hosts bi-weekly meetings and offers members an opportunity to alternatively co-chair and facilitate these meetings, and invite guest speakers to conduct a variety of leadership development workshops. Contact: Page:
University of Toronto Math and Physics Club (UTMPC)
The U of T Math and Physics Club (UTMPC) is a group for students studying or interested in mathematics and/or physics. Our goal is to bring people together across disciplines to share ideas and promote learning and awareness within these two intertwined subjects. Contact:
Toronto Students Advancing Aerospace (TSAA)
Toronto Students Advancing Aerospace (TSAA) is an inter-university student organization striving to promote the advancement of aerospace through student leadership and initiative. Contact:
Canadian Society for Civil Engineering UofT Chapter
The CSCE UofT Chapter is the local chapter of the professional society serving Civil Engineers in Canada. We aim to enable networking and professional development opportunities for UofT students. Contact: