Cheque Requisitions

What is a Cheque Requisition?

A cheque requisition is a form that is filed to receive reimbursement for expenses paid on behalf of your affiliated group (i.e. Engineering Society ex-officio, directors or affiliated clubs). You must attach original receipts with your cheque requisition. You can attach multiple receipts to your form because each line item on the form is for a different receipt. An example form is here. Please note each line item would have a corresponding receipt submitted with the form.

Where Can I Get a Form?

You can pick up a copy of the form in the Engineering Society office or print one from the following link.

Where Do I Submit My Form?

All forms must be submitted as a hardcopy to the Engineering Society office. The VP Finance will review your form, and the business manager will email you once your cheque is ready.

Do’s and Don’ts of a Cheque Requisition

  1. Don’t: Purchase EngSoc items and personal items in the same transaction. It makes tallying the final approved amount much more complicated, and it is very easy to ask a cashier to do two separate transactions for you. It will save both you and the VP Finance a lot of headaches if your receipts are for EngSoc items only!
  2. Do: Double check your cheque requisition form before submitting. Submitting a cheque requisition with addition errors or missing information will delay the process of issuing you your reimbursement cheque, which you do not want!
  3. Do: Attach original receipts. For auditing purposes, all original receipts MUST be attached to your cheque requisition form.
  4. Do: Write clearly. Having legible handwriting means there will be no confusion with the amount requested or the contact email on the form.
  5. Do: Ask questions if you are unsure where to put an expense on the cheque requisition form. Things like gas charges do not go under “Tips or Other”, this is a regular line item just like any other expense.