Club Funding 1T6-1T7

This year, EngSoc will be participating in the Centralized Process for Student Initiative Funding (CPSIF) once again. The Centralized Process for Student Initiative Funding allows student groups to apply to various funding resources from within the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering in a single application.

Departments and affiliates of this program will all receive the same application and budget. The funding process will occur once this academic year during the fall. The Deadline for this year’s CPSIF application is September 30th, 2016.

In addition to the CPSIF, EngSoc will have additional independent rounds of Club Funding in the Summer and Winter. Information regarding Winter round club funding applications and deadlines will be released in the second semester.

You may only apply to EngSoc for funding once per academic year. Please ensure that your proposed budget reflects activities and programs for the entire academic year. You will be asked to provide past financial records along with projected expenses and all sources of income.


Want to Learn More? Want to Begin Your Application?

For more information about CPSIF and to begin your application, please visit the Engineering Alumni Association website.

A thorough review of the eligibility criteria presented on the Alumni Association website is highly recommended.


Please see the following link for alternative funding resources available across the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Engineering –


If you have questions regarding club funding or would like further clarification on the results of your application, please email If you would like to appeal your funding allocation, please submit a formal appeal to with any relevant information or documentation.