Club Resources


EngSoc has several outlets for affiliated and unaffiliated clubs to promote themselves. Please keep in mind that advertisements must not use the Skule logo unless given explicit permission by the Vice-President Communications at or indicate that they are endorsed by the Engineering Society.


The Skule Digest is a weekly newsletter distributed to all undergraduate engineering students. Anyone can submit an announcement at Submissions are approved by the Vice-President Communications.


To place posters in engineering buildings and ensure that they are not removed by caretaking staff, posters can be stamped in the EngSoc office in the Sandford Fleming basement. Posters must be in English, should not be coloured mostly blue as that prevents the stamp from being visible, and must not be posted in a way that would cover doors, block glass, or chip paint. Posters are approved by the EngSoc Business Manager.

The Pit Plasma Screen

(Note: this service is currently unavailable) The plasma screen facing into the Sandford Fleming basement from the EngSoc office is available to display advertisements. Anyone can submit an advertisement at Submissions are approved by the Vice-President Communications.

The Pit Projector

(Note: this service is currently unavailable) The projector display above the Sandford Fleming basement is available for special events in the Atrium where a large screen is an asset such as Havenger Scunt. Please submit any requests for this service to the Vice-President Communications at

ECF Login Screens

The ECF login screens rotate through a variety of promotions for campus events that support engineering development. Note that this service is managed by ECF staff, not the Engineering Society. Please submit any advertisements to the ECF here.

Website Hosting and Domain Names

Affiliated clubs can request free website hosting or a domain such as Please contact the EngSoc Computer Systems Administrator at and CC the Vice-President Communications at in order to request this service. Users of either of these services must follow the Subdomain Use Agreement.

Cheque Requisitions

What is a Cheque Requisition?

A cheque requisition is a form that is filed to receive reimbursement for expenses paid on behalf of your affiliated group (i.e. Engineering Society ex-officio, directors or affiliated clubs). You must attach original receipts with your cheque requisition. You can attach multiple receipts to your form because each line item on the form is for a different receipt. An example form is here. Please note each line item would have a corresponding receipt submitted with the form.

Where Can I Get a Form?

You can pick up a copy of the form in the Engineering Society office or print one from the following link.

Where Do I Submit My Form?

All forms must be submitted as a hardcopy to the Engineering Society office. The VP Finance will review your form, and the business manager will email you once your cheque is ready.

Do’s and Don’ts of a Cheque Requisition

  1. Don’t: Purchase EngSoc items and personal items in the same transaction. It makes tallying the final approved amount much more complicated, and it is very easy to ask a cashier to do two separate transactions for you. It will save both you and the VP Finance a lot of headaches if your receipts are for EngSoc items only!
  2. Do: Double check your cheque requisition form before submitting. Submitting a cheque requisition with addition errors or missing information will delay the process of issuing you your reimbursement cheque, which you do not want!
  3. Do: Attach original receipts. For auditing purposes, all original receipts MUST be attached to your cheque requisition form.
  4. Do: Write clearly. Having legible handwriting means there will be no confusion with the amount requested or the contact email on the form.
  5. Do: Ask questions if you are unsure where to put an expense on the cheque requisition form. Things like gas charges do not go under “Tips or Other”, this is a regular line item just like any other expense.

Club Affiliation

Affiliating a club with the Engineering Society makes it eligible for EngSoc funding and allows it to book resources such as rooms, AV equipment, or a barbecue. Clubs which have been affiliated in the past must apply for re-affiliation each year, while clubs which have not affiliated recently must apply for trial affiliation before transitioning to full affiliation after at least four months. Please read the policy on club affiliation before submitting an application. Applications for the 2016-2017 year will be accepted in each of the following time periods. Please note that in order to participate in the clubs fair hosted by the Engineering Society on September 7th, 2016 you will need to be affiliated by August 9th 11:59PM.

Application Period Trial Status Trial Status to Full Status Full Status
July 25th - August 9th, 2016      
September 9th - September 25th, 2016      
October 10th - October 24th, 2016      
November 7th - November 21st, 2016      
January 9th - January 23rd, 2017      
February 6th - February 20th, 2017      

Trial-Status Affiliation Application

If your club is not affiliated with EngSoc, you can for trial status affiliation with this form. Trial status affiliation will provide your club with all the same benefits as other affiliated clubs, except you will be subject to a lower maximum amount of funding.
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Trial-Status to Full-Status Affiliation Application

If your club has held trial status affiliation for at least four months, you can apply for full status affiliation with this form.
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Full-Status Re-affiliation Application

If your club has held full status affiliation previously, you can apply for full status affiliation with this form.
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Further details regarding funding and training will follow upon successful affiliation or re-affiliation. If you have any questions please contact the VP Student Life at

Club Funding 1T6-1T7

This year, EngSoc will be participating in the Centralized Process for Student Initiative Funding (CPSIF) once again. The Centralized Process for Student Initiative Funding allows student groups to apply to various funding resources from within the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering in a single application. Departments and affiliates of this program will all receive the same application and budget. The funding process will occur once this academic year during the fall. The Deadline for this year's CPSIF application is September 30th, 2016. In addition to the CPSIF, EngSoc will have additional independent rounds of Club Funding in the Summer and Winter. Information regarding Winter round club funding applications and deadlines will be released in the second semester. You may only apply to EngSoc for funding once per academic year. Please ensure that your proposed budget reflects activities and programs for the entire academic year. You will be asked to provide past financial records along with projected expenses and all sources of income.


Want to Learn More? Want to Begin Your Application?

For more information about CPSIF and to begin your application, please visit the Engineering Alumni Association website.

A thorough review of the eligibility criteria presented on the Alumni Association website is highly recommended.

  Please see the following link for alternative funding resources available across the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Engineering -   If you have questions regarding club funding or would like further clarification on the results of your application, please email If you would like to appeal your funding allocation, please submit a formal appeal to with any relevant information or documentation.