EngSoc Documents

Constitution and Bylaws

The EngSoc bylaws regulate how EngSoc functions. They can only be changed by a resolution of the Board of Directors, and any change to the Constitution must be approved at an Annual General Meeting in which any full-time or part-time undergraduate engineering student is able to vote.

  1. Bylaw 1 - The Constitution
  2. Bylaw 2 - The Project Directors and Associated Entities Bylaw
  3. Bylaw 3 - The Elections Bylaw
  4. Bylaw 4 - The Officers Bylaw
  5. Bylaw 5 - The Commercial Operations Bylaw
  6. Bylaw 6 - The Search and Review Committee
  7. Bylaw 7 - The Discipline Clubs and Class Representatives Bylaw


The policies are a set of best practices for EngSoc. Engineering Society policies can be changed by a resolution of the Board of Directors or by a resolution of a meeting of the Officers.

  1. Affiliated Clubs
  2. Awarding Society Awards
  3. Branding
  4. Complaints
  5. Finances
  6. Levy Groups
  7. Orientation Governance
  8. Suds Operations


  1. Confidentiality Agreement - Information Sharing
  2. Standing Rules of Order
  3. UTSU x EngSoc Associate Membership Agreement
  4. Beginners Guide to BoD Procedures

For older versions of the Bylaws and/or Policies, please contact the VP Communications at vpcomm@skule.ca.