Club Resources


EngSoc has several outlets for affiliated and unaffiliated clubs to promote themselves. Please keep in mind that advertisements must not use the Skule logo unless given explicit permission by the Vice-President Communications at or indicate that they are endorsed by the Engineering Society.


The Skule Digest is a weekly newsletter distributed to all undergraduate engineering students. Anyone can submit an announcement at Submissions are approved by the Vice-President Communications.


To place posters in engineering buildings and ensure that they are not removed by caretaking staff, posters can be stamped in the EngSoc office in the Sandford Fleming basement. Posters must be in English, should not be coloured mostly blue as that prevents the stamp from being visible, and must not be posted in a way that would cover doors, block glass, or chip paint. Posters are approved by the EngSoc Business Manager.

The Pit Plasma Screen

(Note: this service is currently unavailable) The plasma screen facing into the Sandford Fleming basement from the EngSoc office is available to display advertisements. Anyone can submit an advertisement at Submissions are approved by the Vice-President Communications.

The Pit Projector

(Note: this service is currently unavailable) The projector display above the Sandford Fleming basement is available for special events in the Atrium where a large screen is an asset such as Havenger Scunt. Please submit any requests for this service to the Vice-President Communications at

ECF Login Screens

The ECF login screens rotate through a variety of promotions for campus events that support engineering development. Note that this service is managed by ECF staff, not the Engineering Society. Please submit any advertisements to the ECF here.

Website Hosting and Domain Names

Affiliated clubs can request free website hosting or a domain such as Please contact the EngSoc Computer Systems Administrator at and CC the Vice-President Communications at in order to request this service. Users of either of these services must follow the Subdomain Use Agreement.