Skule™ and EngSoc

Skule™ is the name of the University of Toronto’s engineering community at the St. George campus. It is made up of about 7000 undergraduate students, hundreds of graduate students, a range of dedicated alumni. It is also home to hundreds of engineering clubs, athletics teams, design teams, and traditions. The Skule™ name was first used almost a century ago when students discovered something that they had in common: engineers don’t know how to spell. As something that the community created together, the Engineering Society trademarked the name in 1984.

The Engineering Society, or EngSoc, is Skule™’s student government. It represents all full-time and part-time undergraduate engineers and is made up of elected student volunteers. EngSoc engages in academic advocacy, allocates funding to groups and initiatives in the community, and provides a wide variety of services and events to students. If there is anything you want to know about the Engineering Society that you can’t find on this website, please email us or visit our office.