Special Projects

Students can apply for Special Projects funding from the Engineering Society for one-time purchases which benefit their organization or the Skule community as a whole. Purchases that are typically eligible for Special Projects Funding are:

  • Tools, equipment, or instruments (e.g. a drill press for use in club projects)
  • Hosting a non-annual conference
  • New ideas that are not a part of the typical EngSoc budget (e.g. Skule Kup in its first year)

Some examples of past Special Projects are:

  • A new Suds fridge
  • Tools for the Blue and Gold Committee
  • Instruments for the Skule Orchestra and the LGMB
  • Hosting the 2012 Ontario Engineering Competitions at the University of Toronto
  • A rocket test stand for University of Toronto Aerospace Team

Note: Affiliated Clubs are also eligible to receive funding from EngSoc, see Club Funding for more details.

How to apply:

Applications should be sent via email to both and Applications should include:

  • The name and contact information of the person or organization which is requesting funding
  • A cover letter detailing the impact and scope of your proposed project and its benefit to the Skule community
  • A budget for the project in Canadian dollars, including all potential revenue sources, all expenses, a reasonable contingency or buffer, and comments describing each item.
  • A plan for how the project will be carried out, including a timeline of the work.
  • A list of the full-time and part-time engineering students in the organization which is requesting funding (not necessary for affiliated clubs or project directorships)

If you have any questions about Special Projects funding, please contact the VP Finance at