The Engineering Society is run by volunteers in a wide variety of positions. It would be impossible to list everyone who contributes to its operation, but this page includes information about many of those volunteers. To read more about each role, what that person does, and how you can contact them, expand one of the categories below.


Officers handle EngSoc’s day-to-day operations and external relations at a high level. Each of them also oversee a group of Project Directors related to their portfolios. They are elected directly by all full-time and part-time engineering students.

President: Milan Maljkovic (president@skule.ca)

Who am I?
I’m an ECE1T6+PEY pursuing a minor in sustainable energy. Academically, I’m interested in power electronics, high-voltage energy systems, and control systems.
Key responsibilities
1. Determine a vision for EngSoc and give direction to the broader goals that the team intends to pursue
2. Oversee the operations of EngSoc, ensuring that everything is running smoothly and that everyone has the resources needed to achieve their goals
3. Represent engineering students and student interests & concerns to the faculty, university, and beyond
4. Put out fires, both literal and metaphorical, as they come up
5. Be approachable and accessible to hear what you want to see from EngSoc and what you have to say
Goals for the year
1. Inspire people to be more engaged in what EngSoc has to offer, whether it be through volunteering opportunities or event attendance
2. Shatter the perception that you have to know people to get involved or that it’s not worth the time; there’s something for every interest!
3. Improve the reliability of core services that already exist for students by updating the various infrastructures in place
4. Make it easier for students to offer their feedback, voice their concerns, and enable them to bring their ideas to life
5. Solidify the portfolios of new directorships including the Mental Wellness Director and External Relations Director
6. Fee Diversion 2.0?
Fun fact
I can wiggle both of my ears independently without moving my eyebrows. Give it a try. It’s super tough.

Vice-President Finance: Andrew Boetto (vpfinance@skule.ca)

Who am I?
I’m an ECE 1T6 + PEY specializing in energy systems and electronics.
Key responsibilities
1. Engineering Society Operating Budget
2. Club Funding
3. Skule Endowment Fund
4. Temporary Levy Fund
5. Cheque Requisitions
6. Special Projects Funding
7. Overseeing the Finance Committee
Goals for the year
1. Increase the awareness of financial services available to students
2. Take advantage of EngSoc’s web presence to provide more information on how EngSoc money has been used in the past
3. Improve the cheque requisition process to refund students faster and more efficiently
4. Maintain a healthy operating budget

Vice-President Communications: Colin Parker (vpcomm@skule.ca)

Who am I?
I’m a computer engineering student entering my fourth year at Skule.
Key responsibilities
1. Manage EngSoc’s communication infrastructure, including the Skule Digest, the Pit plasma screen, and skule.ca.
2. Approve EngSoc’s publications like the F!rosh Handbook, Toike Oike, Cannon, and Skulebook
3. Maintain an accurate record of Board of Directors meeting minutes and EngSoc’s bylaws and policies
4. Oversee EngSoc’s branding and the marketing of its initiatives
Goals for the year
1. Improve EngSoc’s web infrastructure by ensuring its servers are more reliable, adding more comprehensive information to its websites, and letting people access more forms digitally
2. Help the Policy and Structures Committee to clarify EngSoc’s bylaws and make them compliant with the incoming Ontario’s Not-for-Profit Corporations Act
3. Make it easier for students to understand what EngSoc does and why you might want to get involved
4. Work with the EngSoc ombudsperson to improve our anonymous feedback methods. (If you think we’re doing something wrong, I want us to hear about it!)
Fun fact
I walk faster than any of my friends. Unfortunately, I also have no sense of direction.

Vice-President Academic: Samantha Stuart (vpacademic@skule.ca)

Who am I?
I’m an MSE 1T8 hoping to specialize in nanoengineering, a full time cheese and travel enthusiast, and part-time Robarts hermit. You might recognize me if you were out at any Hi-Skule events last year!
Key responsibilities
1. Overseeing the Academic Advocacy Committee (AAC)
2. Designing Frosh Anti-Calendar
3. Running Mid-Course Feedback
4. Class Representatives
5. Faculty Council Standing Committees (FCSC)
6. courses.skule.ca & tutors.skule.ca
7. Getting feedback from you to improve your academic experiences at SKULE! Don’t hesitate to reach out about any questions about the VPA portfolio, and how you can get involved this year.
Goals for the year
1. Improve transparency to students within the VPA Portfolio.
2. Building out courses.skule.ca as a digital anticalendar and student hub to advertise opportunities to get involved in academic advocacy/how the academic portfolio of EngSoc functions.
3. Provide better EngSoc exposure and training for Class Representatives.
4. Combat student apathy in Mid Course Feedback by strengthening communication channels within the VPA portfolio.
Fun fact
My hometown (Collingwood, ON) is so small that instead of having destination signs on our local buses, they just say “Have a nice day!” because everyone already knows where the bus is going.

Vice-President Student Life: Raneem Shammas (vpstudentlife@skule.ca)

Who am I?
I’m a Mechanical Engineering student that’s too dependent on coffee and still deciding between manufacturing and mechatronics for a stream. My TrackOne indecisiveness never left me and if you ever expect me do exercise then I shall laugh, go buy a burger and fries and then laugh some more.
Key responsibilities
1. Clubs (affiliations, clubs day, clubs orientation, allocating space)
2. Affiliation Committee, Positive Space Committee and the Finance Committee
3. Overseeing Orientation, Cannonball, Gradball, Skule Kup, SCOre, and the Mental Wellness Directors
4. Working with the Design Team Association representative
5. Managing space (256 Mccaul, 704 Spadina)

Goals for the year
1. Reach out to more students, get more people involved in Skule™ and reduce apathy
2. Increasing outgoing feedback from the members of the society
3. Engaging and streamlining clubs and club affiliation
4. Starting a Club of the Week Initiative
Fun fact
No one can get my name right on the first try. One of my friends thought my name was requiem for a solid two weeks.


Board of Directors

Board of Directors representatives vote on major decisions concerning changes to EngSoc’s services, methods of representation, and bylaws. They also oversee the Officers and several committees, making them the highest level of governance in EngSoc. They are elected directly by all full-time and part-time engineering students in each of their constituencies.
At-Large Rep: Kevin Rupasinghe (kevin.rupasinghe@mail.utoronto.ca)
At-Large Rep: Oghosa Igbinakenzua (o.igbinakenzua@mail.utoronto.ca)
At-Large Rep: Ryan Williams (rsw11235@gmail.com)
At-Large Rep: Twesh Upadhyaya (twesh.upadhyaya@mail.utoronto.ca)
First-Year Rep: Muskan Sethi (muskan.sethi@mail.utoronto.ca)
First-Year Rep: Danil Ojha (danil.ojha@mail.utoronto.ca)
First-Year Rep: Kevin Zhang (kevinzhanghk2012@gmail.com)
Chemical Engineering Rep: Jason Tang (jasonmatthew.tang@mail.utoronto.ca)
Civil Engineering Rep: Sneha Adhikari (sneha.adhikari@mail.utoronto.ca)
Computer Engineering Rep: Billy Graydon (billy@skule.ca)
Electrical Engineering Rep: Danja Papajani (danja.papajani@mail.utoronto.ca)
Engineering Science Rep: Apurv Bharadwaj (apurv.bharadwaj@mail.utoronto.ca)
Industrial Engineering Rep: Aron Sankar (aron.sankar@mail.utoronto.ca)
Mechanical Engineering Rep: Mark Chaboryk (mark.chaboryk@mail.utoronto.ca)
MSE Rep: Mahta Massoud (mahta.massoud@mail.utoronto.ca)
Mineral Engineering Rep: Olivia Mogielnicki (olivia.mogielnicki@mail.utoronto.ca)
UTSU Rep (ex-officio): Ryan Gomes (vpprofac@utsu.ca)
Speaker: Eric Bryce (speaker@skule.ca)

Project Directors

Project Directors each manage a particular service or initiative, from managing a café to teaching high school students about engineering. Many of them form committees or teams open to anyone at Skule to achieve their goals for the year. They are elected by the outgoing EngSoc Council members near the end of their terms.

Alumni Outreach Director: Edwin Ng (alumnioutreach@skule.ca)

The Alumni Outreach Director develops the relationship between engineering alumni and current engineering students. They promote Skule’s activities and development to former students and work with other student groups and with the faculty to increase alumni engagement.

Archivist: Ankita Khanda (archivist@skule.ca)

The Archivist maintains the Skule Archives, a collection of physical and digital relics dating back to when the Little Red Skulehouse was still standing. They work with their team and the Engineering Alumni Association to gather, track, and preserve materials which reflect important aspects of our history. They document Skule’s current culture for students in the future to reflect on, and often offer events where current engineering students can engage with the history of their community.

Cannon Editor-in-Chief: Lu Chen (cannon@skule.ca)

The Cannon Editor runs the Cannon, Skule’s “serious” newspaper, dedicated to informing students about happenings on campus and related to the engineering profession. They coordinate a dedicated staff to publish editions to newsstands and online on a regular basis.

Cannonball Director: Carole Suarez (cannonball@skule.ca)

The Cannonball Director organizes Cannonball, the Skule-wide semi-formal dinner dance. They coordinate with a venue, caterers, and entertainment to provide a fun and memorable night for students.

Chief Returning Officer: Ryan Gomes (cro@skule.ca)

The “CRO” is a neutral body who conducts EngSoc elections, ensuring that they are run fairly and democratically. Along with their Deputy Returning Officers (or DROs) as part of the Office of Returning Officers (or OReO), they spend much of the year refining the election policies and scheduling the elections for the year.

Community Outreach Director: Ilya Kreynin (community@skule.ca)

The Community Outreach Director coordinates efforts among the engineering community toward volunteerism, community service, and charity. They direct public campaigns driven by engineering students to benefit those in need.

Computer Systems Administrator: Ryan Brackenbury (sysadmin@skule.ca)

The “Sysadmin” maintains EngSoc’s computers and its backend technical infrastructure including its local and remote servers. They also coordinate with the Webmaster to resolve technical problems which interfere with EngSoc services or resources, like this website.

Design Team Association Project Manager: Kevin Rupasignhe (dta@skule.ca)

The Design Team Association Project Manager is a new position that heads the Design Team Association. They coordinate the efforts of design teams to resolve their shared problems and they represent the interests of those teams to EngSoc.

Engineering Stores Managers: Robyn McNeil and Kevin Hua (stores@skule.ca)

The Stores Managers operate the store where many students will pick up their first year textbooks, coveralls, or leather jackets. They work with their staff throughout the year to coordinate with student groups on campus, providing a central location for academic materials and other Skule necessities.

External Relations Director: Saarthak Saxena (external@skule.ca)

The External Relations Director is a new position that develops the relationship between Skule and other student communities. They act as a delegate of EngSoc to several conferences where engineers gather and to the University of Toronto Student Union, and are a primary point of contact for inter-school initiatives.

F!rosh Handbook Editor: Leigh McNeil-­Taboika (handbook@skule.ca)

The Handbook Editor coordinates the production of the F!rosh Handbook which is mailed out to many F!rosh in the summer. They coordinate their team to introduce hundreds of incoming students to the Skule community and life at the University of Toronto. They also create the Skule Planner in the following summer.

Gradball Director: Adriana Karababas (gradball@skule.ca)

The Cannonball Director organizes Gradball, the Skule-wide formal dinner dance. They coordinate with a venue, caterers, and entertainment to provide a fun and memorable night for students.

Hard Hat Café Managers: Annie Yu and Amanda Albaba (cafeteria@skule.ca)

The Café Managers operate the café where students can pick up something to eat between classes. They work with their team to provide a central location for meals and snacks on campus and coordinate with a variety of suppliers to ensure that food is delivered and stored in a safe and timely manner.

Hi-Skule Liaison: Mahsa Naserifar (hiskule@skule.ca)

The Hi-Skule Liaison leads Hi-Skule, a group dedicated to educating students in high school about engineering and what studying engineering entails. They coordinate with faculty to run recruitment events and with high school administrators to organize presentations to potential incoming students. A few of the other events they run include PreF!rosh, University of Toronto High School Design Competition and Designapalooza.

Mental Wellness Director: Shivani Nathoo (mentalwellness@skule.ca)

The Mental Wellness Director promotes mental health awareness within the Skule community. They coordinate with professional services to direct students with mental health concerns to appropriate help and resources, and support stress relief activities for engineering students.

Ombudsman: Maheyer J. Shroff (ombudsman@skule.ca)

The Ombudsperson is a neutral body who gathers feedback about all aspects of Skule and mediates interpersonal conflicts within EngSoc. In addition to running the Skule census every year, they make themselves available at all times to hear comments or complaints about EngSoc’s operations. The Ombudsperson ensures that feedback remains anonymous and is given to people who can attempt to address it.

Orientation Chair: Dareen Kutob (orientation@skule.ca)

The “Orientation Chair” (or “OC”) organizes F!rosh Week, Skule’s orientation for incoming students. They build an Orientation Committee of Vice-Chairs and appoint Subcommittee Chairs and Head Leedurs to provide a fun week introduction to incoming students.

Professional Outreach Director: Anike Morrison (professionaloutreach@skule.ca)

The Professional Outreach Director educates engineering students about developments in the profession. They cooperate with organizations like the Professional Engineers of Ontario to disseminate information about professional opportunities and policy changes relevant to engineers in Canada.

Skule Kup Director: Nikola Andrejevic (kup@skule.ca)

The Skule Kup Director organizes a year-long competition between the engineering disciplines. They develop a variety of events in which students can compete on behalf of their disciplines and have fun.

Skulebook Director: Kathy Huang (skulebook@skule.ca)

The Skulebook Editor coordinates the publication of the Skulebook, the annual yearbook available to all engineering students. They coordinate a creative team throughout the year to capture Skule’s fondest memories.

Sponsorship Director: Sam McCulloch (sponsorship@skule.ca)

The Sponsorship Director builds relationships with sponsors in order to provide financial relief for EngSoc initiatives. They maintain a sponsorship package for events such as Cannonball, Gradball, Orientation, and they arrange the sale of advertisements in the Society publications.

Suds Managers: Carlos Antonio Fiel and Aron Sankar (suds@skule.ca)

The Suds Managers operate Skule’s very own bar every Friday night in the Sandford Fleming basement. They work with a team of volunteer servers to provide a safe and stress-free environment for students to unwind and socialize.

Toike Oike Editor-in-Chief: Simo Pajovic (toike@skule.ca)

The Toike Oike Editor runs the Toike Oike or “Toike”, Skule’s humour newspaper, dedicated to making students laugh, satirizing the sillier aspects of life as a student at the University of Toronto, and Skule spirit. They coordinate contributors from engineering and Arts and Sciences faculties to publish regular editions across campus.

UTEK Director: Alina Ma (utek@skule.ca)

The “UTEK Director” organizes the competition where students can develop their engineering skills, network with professional engineers, and qualify for the Ontario Engineering Competition. They coordinate with alumni and external companies and work with their team to develop a series of events throughout the year.

Webmaster: Harry JiangJimmy Sun (webmaster@skule.ca)

The Webmaster maintains the frontend web services that EngSoc provides, from this site to courses.skule.ca. They often help clubs set up Skule websites, and they coordinate with the Computer Systems Administrator to resolve problems which interfere with access to online services or resources.


Discipline Club Chairs

Discipline Club Chairs coordinate with their teams to provide services to the members of their disciplines, including social events and academic advocacy. They are elected directly by all full-time and part-time engineering students in each of their constituencies.
Chemical Engineering Club Chair: Neha Bhasin (chemclub@skule.ca)
Civil Engineering Club Chair: Rachel Jorritsma (chair@civ.skule.ca)
Computer Engineering Club Chair: Brandon Norberto (ececlub@skule.ca)
Electrical Engineering Club Chair: Patrick Howell (ececlub@skule.ca)
Engineering Science Club Chair: Judy Shen (engsci@skule.ca)
Industrial Engineering Club Chair: Anitha Jeremiah (indy@skule.ca)
Mechanical Engineering Club Chair: Vinoj Suthakara (mechclub@skule.ca)
Mineral Engineering Club Chair: Marko Lopac (minclub@skule.ca)
Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) Club Chair: Bryan James (mse@skule.ca)

Ex-Officio Directors

Ex-Officios Directors are students from non-EngSoc organizations who are considered part of Council because of their contributions to the Skule community. The method by which they are elected or appointed varies based on their position.
Engineering Athletics Association President: Kirk Regan (president@eaa.skule.ca)
Seenyur Bnad Leedur: Will Merrick (lgmb@skule.ca)
Chief Attiliator: You wish! (kaboom@skule.ca)
First Year Chair: Chris Dryden (firstyearchair@skule.ca)
Fourth Year Chair: Aidan Solala (fourthyearchair@skule.ca)
UTSU Reps: Andrew Sweeny (andrew.sweeny@utsu.ca), Addy Bhatia (addy.bhatia@utsu.ca), and Danja Papajani (danja.papajani@utsu.ca)
Blue and Gold Committee Chairs: Josh Calafato and Ozan Coşkun (blueandgold@skule.ca)
Skule Nite Liaison: Alexander Perelgut
Student Governor: Vacant
You’re Next Career Network President: Daksh Sikri (contact@yourenext.ca)
Mature Students’ Chair: Peter Singh (maturestudentschair@skule.ca)
Part-Time Students’ Chair: Vacant

Class Representatives

Class Representatives are members of each discipline and year who represent the concerns and values of their classmates to Discipline Clubs, EngSoc, and the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering. They are elected directly by all full-time and part-time engineering students in each of their constituencies.

First-Year Representatives

First-Year Chemical Engineering Rep: Mohammad Reza (rahim.mohammadreza@mail.utoronto.ca)
First-Year Civil Engineering Rep: Christian Pavlidis (christian@pavlidisfamily.com)
First-Year Computer Engineering Rep: Noah Poplove (noahpoplove@rogers.com)
First-Year Electrical Engineering Rep: Josh Hartmann (love2kitesurf@gmail.com)
First-Year Engineering Science Rep: Matthew Zhang & Joanna Zhou (matthew.zhang@mail.utoronto.ca & joanna.zyz@outlook.com)
First-Year Industrial Engineering Rep: Linda Ren & Hanin Afzal (lind.ren@mail.utoronto.ca & hanin.afzal@mail.utoronto.ca)
First-Year Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) Rep: Calvin Yu Huynh (calvin.huynh@mail.utoronto.ca)
First-Year Mechanical Engineering Rep: Hannah Eng (hannah.eng@mail.utoronto.ca)
First-Year Mineral Engineering Rep: Sam McCulloch (samuel.mcculloch@mail.utoronto.ca)
First-Year TrackOne Engineering Rep: Jane Illarionova (jane.illarionova@mail.utoronto.ca)

Second-Year Representatives

Second-Year Chemical Engineering Rep: Leigh McNeil-Taboika (leigh.mcneiltaboika@gmail.com)
Second-Year Civil Engineering Rep: Yaser Habib (yaser_habib@hotmail.com)
Second-Year Computer Engineering Rep: Henry Xu (henryg.xu@mail.utoronto.ca)
Second-Year Electrical Engineering Rep: Katherine Rich (katherine.rich@mail.utoronto.ca)
Second-Year Engineering Science Rep: Charlie Yang (chengyun.yang@mail.utoronto.ca)
Second-Year Industrial Engineering Rep: Lauren Ip (lauren.ip@mail.utoronto.ca)
Second-Year Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) Rep: Brittny Carter (brittny.carter@mail.utoronto.ca)
Second-Year Mechanical Engineering Rep: Marie Floryan (marie.floryan@mail.utoronto.ca)
Second-Year Mineral Engineering Rep: Stefano Girardo (girardostefano@gmail.com)

Third-Year Representatives

Third-Year Chemical Engineering Reps: Jeff Dryden & Savannah Sarosiak (jeff.dryden@mail.utoronto.ca & savannah.sarosiak.larter@mail.toronto.ca)
Third-Year Civil Engineering Rep: Zhexiang Wang (zhexiang_wang@hotmail.com)
Third-Year Computer Engineering Rep: James Jin (jamesj.jin@mail.utoronto.ca)
Third-Year Electrical Engineering Rep: Fay Huang (fay.huang@mail.utoronto.ca)
Third-Year Engineering Science Rep: Jane Seo (jane.seo@mail.utoronto.ca)
Third-Year Industrial Engineering Rep: Jade Khiev (jade.khiev@mail.utoronto.ca)
Third-Year Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) Rep: Daniel Brlas (daniel.brlas@gmail.com)
Third-Year Mechanical Engineering Rep: Katherine Pryzlak (katherine.pryszlak@mail.utoronto.ca)
Third-Year Mineral Engineering Rep: Margarita Ibarra (maggie.ibarradiaz@mail.utoronto.ca)

Fourth-Year Representatives

Fourth-Year Chemical Engineering Rep: Vacant
Fourth-Year Civil Engineering Rep: Vacant
Fourth-Year Computer Engineering Rep: Billy Graydon (billy@skule.ca)
Fourth-Year Electrical Engineering Rep: Olga Bondarev (olga.bondarev@mail.utoronto.ca)
Fourth-Year Engineering Science Rep: Danny (Yi) Zhang (dannny.zhang@mail.utoronto.ca)
Fourth-Year Industrial Engineering Rep: Mim Haque (mahzabin.haque@mail.utoronto.ca)
Fourth-Year Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) Rep: Bryan James (bryan.james@mail.utoronto.ca)
Fourth-Year Mechanical Engineering Rep: Dawn Virginillo (dawn.virginillo@mail.utoronto.ca)
Fourth-Year Mineral Engineering Rep: Sarah Heffernan (sarah.heffernan@mail.utoronto.ca)