ECC Advocacy

The following table details significant developments in EngSoc's advocacy with the Engineering Career Center. More information will be added as it becomes available.

Date Status Update
25 October The full details from the Faculty on the new program can be found here. A summary of student advocated changes can be found here.
27 October, 5pm EDT First ECC Advocacy Townhall. Join here.
27 October PEY Deal Meeting with the Dean and Vice-Dean Undergrad
President Chris and VPA Mirjana held an urgent meeting with the Dean and Vice-Dean Undergrad to communicate student frustration and make clear that the deal needed significant change to be in the best interest of students. The Dean understood further negotiations are required, our advocacy is already having a positive effect.
29 October Discipline Club Chair Consultation
President Chris joined discipline club chairs at a meeting to discuss student concerns. We consolidated a list of student feedback and drafted a list of demands. These demands were also then reviewed by first year student leaders. This list of demands and an action plan to implement them can be found here.
30 October, 6pm EDT 2020 Officer Accountability Meeting. More information here.
31 October, 11am EDT Second ECC Advocacy Townhall. Join here.
14 November, 12pm EST ECC Stage 1 Town Hall
This meeting will serve to update on initial direct negotiations. Collect feedback on additional items for negotiation and determine if we should transition to Stage 2 advocacy. Discipline Clubs Chairs and First Year Representatives will specifically be invited to attend. This meeting is open to all students. Join here.
Presentation Slides Here.

If you have questions, comments, or concerns, please reach out to the President or VP Academic.