Cheque Requisitions

What is a Cheque Requisition?

A cheque requisition is a form that is filed to receive reimbursement for expenses paid on behalf of your affiliated group (i.e. Engineering Society associated entity, directorship or affiliated club). You must attach original receipts with your cheque requisition. You can attach multiple receipts to your form because each line item on the form is for a different receipt. An example form is here. Please note each line item would have a corresponding receipt submitted with the form.

PLEASE NOTE that the Engineering Society Office is closed until further notice. During this time, please email your completed cheque requisition form to and CC Send in scanned copies of your receipts and save the originals for a later date. All forms for 2020-2021 MUST be submitted by April 30th, 2021 11:59 PM EST. Any forms submitted past this date will not be processed.

Where Can I Get a Form?

You can pick up a copy of the form in the Engineering Society office or print one from the following link.

Where Do I Submit My Form?

All forms must be submitted as a hardcopy to the Engineering Society office. The VP Finance will review your form, and the business manager will email you once your cheque is ready.

Do’s and Don’ts of a Cheque Requisition

  1. Don’t: Purchase EngSoc items and personal items in the same transaction. It makes tallying the final approved amount much more complicated, and it is very easy to ask a cashier to do two separate transactions for you. It will save both you and the VP Finance a lot of headaches if your receipts are for EngSoc items only!
  2. Don't: Leave submissions to the last minute.
  3. Do: Double check your cheque requisition form before submitting. Submitting a cheque requisition with addition errors or missing information will delay the process of issuing you your reimbursement cheque, which you do not want!
  4. Do: Attach original receipts. For auditing purposes, all original receipts MUST be attached to your cheque requisition form.
  5. Do: Write clearly. Having legible handwriting means there will be no confusion with the amount requested or the contact email on the form.
  6. Do: Ask questions if you are unsure where to put an expense on the cheque requisition form. Things like gas charges do not go under “Tips or Other”, this is a regular line item just like any other expense.


If you have any questions about the cheque requisition process, please contact the VP Finance at