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Governing Members

The Engineering Society is run by volunteers in a wide variety of positions. It would be impossible to list everyone who contributes to its operation, but this page includes information about many of those volunteers. You can find all of their names and contact information below

Governing Members Names and Contact Information


Board of Directors

At-Large Representative Stella Gregorski (stella.gregorski@mail.utoronto.ca)
At-Large Representative Jeremy Sharapov (jeremy.sharapov@mail.utoronto.ca)
At-Large Representative Parker Johnston (parker.johnston@mail.utoronto.ca)
At-Large Representative Andrew Chen (mengjue.chen@mail.utoronto.ca)
First Year Representative Neo Lou (neo.lou@mail.utoronto.ca)
First Year Representative Cathy Wang (ruoheng.wang@mail.utoronto.ca)
First Year Representative Nelson Lee (nelsonnx.lee@mail.utoronto.ca)
Chemical Engineering Representative Ruknoon Dinder (ruknoon.dinder@mail.utoronto.ca)
Civil Engineering Representative Raphael Hazel (raphael.hazel@mail.utoronto.ca)
Computer Engineering Representative David Song (myeonghun.song@mail.utoronto.ca)
Electrical Engineering Representative Archit Bhargava (archit.bhargava@mail.utoronto.ca)
Engineering Science Representative Aidan Grenville (aidan.grenville@mail.utoronto.ca)
Industrial Engineering Representative Emily Goridkov (emily.goridkov@mail.utoronto.ca)
Mechanical Engineering Representative Dina Bernstein (dina.bernstein@mail.utoronto.ca)
Materials Science and Engineering Representative Nicole Ryk (nicole.ryk@mail.utoronto.ca)
Mineral Engineering Representative Jessie Jung (jessie.jung@mail.utoronto.ca)
UTSU Representative Paul Kaita (vpprofac@utsu.ca)
Speaker Zahir Firoze (speaker@skule.ca)

Class Representatives