About Us

Engineering Society

The Engineering Society, or EngSoc, is the student government for undergraduate engineering students at the University of Toronto. It represents all full-time and part-time undergraduate engineers and is made up of elected student volunteers. EngSoc engages in academic advocacy, allocates funding to groups and initiatives in the community, and provides a wide variety of services and events to students. If there is anything you want to know about the Engineering Society that you can't find on this website, please email us or visit our office.

Governance Structure

The Engineering Society is run by volunteers in a wide variety of positions. It would be impossible to list everyone who contributes to its operation, but this page includes information about many of those volunteers. To read more about each role, what that person does, and how you can contact them, expand one of the categories below. For a pretty infographic on our governance structure, please click here.


Officers handle EngSoc's day-to-day operations and external relations at a high level. Each of them also oversee a group of Project Directors related to their portfolios. They are elected directly by all full-time and part-time engineering students.

President Christopher Kousinioris

Who am I? I’m an EngSci 2T0 + PEY and I am incredibly excited to be working as your President this year! My family is originally from Greece, but I have lived my whole life in Toronto. Being so far away from my extended family has meant local communities played a big role in my life. Which is why I feel so blessed to be a part of this big extended family that is Skule™. If you see me around campus, please don’t hesitate to say hello or stop by the EngSoc office to chat. All the best, and I hope to meet many of you soon!

Key Responsibilities

  1. Determine a vision for EngSoc and give direction to the broader goals that the team intends to pursue.
  2. Oversee the operations of EngSoc, ensuring that everything is running smoothly and that everyone has the resources needed to achieve their goals.
  3. Represent engineering students and student interests & concerns to the faculty, university, and beyond.
  4. Put out fires, both literal and metaphorical, as they come up.
  5. Be approachable and accessible to hear what you want to see from EngSoc and what you have to say.

Goals for the Year

  1. Manage EngSoc’s response to the effects of Covid-19 and a potentially online semester.
  2. Work with the Engineering Career Centre to ensure their new proposal respects students and their needs.
  3. Support the University and Faculty in their updates to mental health services.
  4. Lead meaningful progress on long term initiatives such as a website update or Pit renovations.
  5. Work with VP Finance to run efficient and useful commercial operations. Including the new deployment of our vending machines.
  6. Work with VP Academic to ensure students voices are represented when deciding how to operate a partially online semester.
  7. Work with VP Communications to update our digital backend and create new more engaging content.
  8. Work with VP Student Life to support clubs and design teams in a physically distanced world.

Fun Fact! I’m in the second last ever class of the Engineering Science Infrastructure option students and there are only 5 of us! I used to race sailboats competitively in Lake Ontario (very cold). And I generally love all things urban planning, public transport and Aerospace.

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Vice-President Finance Elizabeth Hii

Who am I? I'm a CIV2T0 + PEY. I've been involved with Hard Hat Cafe as co-manager, Social Director and Vice Chair for Civ Club. These roles have given me a strong understanding of the operations and finances of EngSoc. I'm super excited to apply what I've learned to serve all of you!

Key Responsibilities

  1. EngSoc Operating Budget
  2. Student Fee Breakdown regarding the Student Choice Initiative
  3. Club Funding
  4. Skule™ Endowment Fund
  5. Temporary Levy Fund
  6. Cheque Requisitions
  7. Special Projects Funding
  8. Overseeing the Finance Committee

Goals for the Year

  1. Focus on improving the structure of the commercial operations to maximize revenue while remaining affordable for students.
  2. Work with VP Student Life to improve transparency about the resources available for affiliated clubs outside of EngSoc.
  3. Encourage collaboration between PDs and affiliated clubs to strengthen the community.

Fun Fact! I once ran a 10k and paddled in a few Dragon Boat races on the same day!


Vice-President Communications Amanda Plotnik

Who am I? I’m an ECE 2T2 minoring in artificial intelligence and philosophy. Last year, I served as Computer Systems Administrator which gave me a strong appreciation for all things EngSoc-online. I also love writing and editing so I'm excited to see behind the scenes of EngSoc's many publications!

Key Responsibilities

  1. Manage EngSoc’s communication infrastructure, including the Skule™ Digest, the Pit plasma screen, and skule.ca.
  2. Approve EngSoc’s publications like the F!rosh Handbook, Toike Oike, Cannon, and Skulebook.
  3. Maintain an accurate record of Board of Directors meeting minutes and EngSoc’s bylaws and policies.
  4. Oversee EngSoc’s branding and the marketing of its initiatives.
  5. Constantly hope that EngSoc IT doesn’t crash and burn.

Goals for the Year

  1. Create usable channels for student feedback on publications and other EngSoc initiatives.
  2. Tighten up security and accessibility of EngSoc's tech resources.
  3. Revamp Skule™ Digest to create a user-friendly central announcement board for clubs, groups, and PDs.
  4. Increase student awareness of EngSoc activities.
  5. Find an effective use of the Pit plasma screen.

Fun Fact! I am a well-versed competitive debater (mostly parliamentary style) with a strong interest in philosophy, thus the minor.


Vice-President Academic Mirjana Mijalkovic

Who am I? I’m an EngSci 2T2 in the BioMed option!

Key Responsibilities

  1. Chairing the Academic Advocacy Committee (AAC).
  2. Design Frosh Anti-Calendar.
  3. Maintaining the Frosh Anti-Calendar on courses.skule.ca.
  4. Supporting Class Reps and Discipline Club Academic Directors.
  5. Managing Student Representation on the Faculty Council Standing Committees.
  6. Managing courses.skule.ca and tutors.skule.ca.
  7. Answering any and all your questions about Academics!

Goals for the Year

  1. Better equip EngSoc’s resources to support students seeking tutoring services.
  2. Expand the recently piloted mid-term course evaluations project to more years and disciplines.
  3. Promote broader student engagement and leadership in academic advocacy opportunities.
  4. Work with Faculty to ensure students transition safely back to campus in the future.

Fun Fact! My plants outnumber my socks!


Vice-President Student Life Harrison Chan

Who am I? I’m a Mech 2T2T1, and I’m doing minors in Robotics and Mechatronics, as well as Engineering Business. I was the Skule™ Kup Director for the 1T9 - 2T0 year. I’m super excited to make the 2T0 - 2T1 year amazing for all of you 💜💜

Key Responsibilities

  1. Be the main point of contact in EngSoc for Skule™ clubs.
  2. Manage the Club Affiliation Committee and approve clubs to become Skule™ clubs.
  3. Oversee project directorships including F!rosh Week, Skule™ Kup, SCOre, Design Team Association Director, and the Social Media Coordinator.
  4. Help affiliated Skule™ clubs receive funding from the faculty.

Goals for the Year

  1. Improve space allocations for clubs and design teams.
  2. Streamline access to Engineering Society services.
  3. Revamp the club affiliation process.
  4. Work with F!rosh Week and Godiva Week to ensure the events they hold are inclusive and appeal to many different groups within the Skule™ community.
  5. Help clubs and design teams overcome challenges faced as a result of the pandemic.

Fun Fact! I love Tetris and I think I'm pretty good at it!


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the highest level of governance and oversees all of the operations of the Engineering Society, as well as the activities of the Officers. Board of Directors Representatives vote on major decisions concerning changes to EngSoc's services, methods of representation, and bylaws. The Board holds the Officers and Directors of the Society accountable for their actions, and ultimately ensures that the Engineering Society acts in the best interests of its Members. They are elected directly by all full-time and part-time engineering students in each of their constituencies.

At-Large Representative Stella Gregorski (stella.gregorski@mail.utoronto.ca)
At-Large Representative Jeremy Sharapov (jeremy.sharapov@mail.utoronto.ca)
At-Large Representative Parker Johnston (parker.johnston@mail.utoronto.ca)
At-Large Representative Andrew Chen (mengjue.chen@mail.utoronto.ca)
First Year Representative Neo Lou (neo.lou@mail.utoronto.ca)
First Year Representative Cathy Wang (ruoheng.wang@mail.utoronto.ca)
First Year Representative Vacant
Chemical Engineering Representative Ruknoon Dinder (ruknoon.dinder@mail.utoronto.ca)
Civil Engineering Representative Aaditya Karthik (aaditya.karthik@mail.utoronto.ca)
Computer Engineering Representative David Song (myeonghun.song@mail.utoronto.ca)
Electrical Engineering Representative Archit Bhargava (archit.bhargava@mail.utoronto.ca)
Engineering Science Representative Aidan Grenville (aidan.grenville@mail.utoronto.ca)
Industrial Engineering Representative Emily Goridkov (emily.goridkov@mail.utoronto.ca)
Mechanical Engineering Representative Dina Bernstein (dina.bernstein@mail.utoronto.ca)
Materials Science and Engineering Representative Nicole Ryk (nicole.ryk@mail.utoronto.ca)
Mineral Engineering Representative Vacant
UTSU Representative Paul Kaita (vpprofac@utsu.ca)
Speaker Zahir Firoze (speaker@skule.ca)

Project Directors

Project Directors each manage a particular service or initiative, from managing a café to teaching high school students about engineering. Many of them form committees or teams open to anyone at Skule™ to achieve their goals for the year. They are elected by the outgoing EngSoc Council members near the end of their terms. See the Project Directors page for more details.

Associated Entities

Associated Entities are non-EngSoc organizations who are considered part of Council because of their contributions to the Skule™ community. The method by which they are elected or appointed varies based on their position. For mor information, please visit the Associated Entities page.

Class Representatives

Class Representatives are members of each discipline and year who represent the concerns and values of their classmates to Discipline Clubs, EngSoc, and the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering. They are elected directly by all full-time and part-time engineering students in each of their constituencies. For a Representative's email, click on their name.