Parking Spot Bookings

EngSoc-affiliated Clubs and Project Directorships can book the EngSoc Parking spot through EngSoc. The Engineering Society Parkings spot is #382, located between the Annex and the Center for the International Experience.

To book a parking spot, please send an email to Rhonda at and the VP Student Life at with the following information:

  • Contact name and email
  • Organization name
  • Car make
  • Color
  • License plate
  • Province of license plate



  • The Engineering Society Parkings spot shall only be made available to EngSoc affiliated student clubs, Directors, Officers and Associated Entities. Bookings shall have no cost with the exception of refundable deposit fees for certain bookings.
  • The requesting organization shall abide by these rules as well as the Transport Services regulations.
  • Hours for parking:
    • During the following hours the permit can only be used to park in the EngSoc designated parking spot (number 382, see map attached): Monday to Friday from 7AM-5PM.
    • During all other hours and statutory holidays clubs the permit can be used to park anywhere on campus that is marked with a P on the campus map (see attached). The permit can also be used to park in any of the reserved spots except for those that indicate "Reserved 24 Hours."
  • Booking time:
    • The organization shall book the spot 3 business days in advance.
    • The requesting organization may book the spot for 0-5 hours provided that they submit the form on
    • Organizations can book the spot for 5+ hours but they must arrange the scheduling with the VP Student Life.
  • All approvals are at the sole discretion of the VP Student Life, some appropriate uses include:
    • Loading and unloading items.
    • Parking rented special vehicles for club operations (such as: cargo vehicles).
    • Offering parking to special guests for club events (i.e. speakers).
  • If an organization/ anyone parks in the Engineering Society parking spot without authorization/permit then Transport Services will be called to address the issue.
  • Engineering Society reserves the right to ban any organization from use of the parking spot if the organization does not abide by the aforementioned rules and at their own discretion.

Parking Pass Schedule: