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Active Projects

Pit Renovation

We are moving forward with designing a renovation of the pit space. These initial meetings will serve as brainstorming sessions to begin scoping what the student body would like to see out of a renovation. Surveys and more consultations will follow.

Date Update
22 January, 6 pm ET Consultaion call. Join here.
27 November, 11 am EST First meeting, second session. Join here.
26 November, 8 pm EST First meeting, first session. Join here.
25 November New feedback survey. This survey is just an initial step to help us start scoping the project. This will not be the final survey. Fill out the initial survey here.

EngSoc Mental Wellness Bursary

Many students were moved by recent events on our campus to take action in support of Mental Wellness. One idea is to use EngSoc funds to create a bursary program that will help students receive the Mental Wellness support they need. This and other possible options will be explored and scoped.

Date Update
26 November, 6 pm EST First meeting. Join here.
27 November The slides from the meeting are now released here.

Student Choice Awards

To thank our dedicated instructors and also to promote attributes important to students in teaching, EngSoc is launching a set of student choice awards for all faculty. Join meetings to help define what awards should be included, how students should nominate instructors and how they will be selected.

Date Update
28 November, 4 pm EST First meeting. Join here.

Landmark Project

EngSoc has the opportunity to contribute to the major campus renovation currently underway on front campus and to create a new Skule Landmark. To learn more about this renovation click here. To discuss options for our contribution please join us at a discussion meeting or send the President email.

Date Update
24 November, 6 pm EST First meeting. Join here.