Room Bookings

PLEASE NOTE that EngSoc has temporarily suspended all it's services and activities until April 9th. During this period, we will not be lending out AV equipment, parking passes or doing room bookings.

PLEASE READ: Bookings for rooms is now done directly through Academic and Campus Events, or ACE. Only GB202 and the Engineering Communications (EngComm) room can be booked through EngSoc. The portal for ACE room bookings is now up, head over to this link to book for your group. Instructions for booking can be found here.
To book rooms through ACE a group must affiliate with ULife. To affiliate with ULife, please apply here as soon as possible.

Note that this does not apply to Discipline Clubs, which should book rooms through their department or division.

EngSoc Project Directorships and some Associated Entities (i.e. Internal Reps and Spirit Heads, see Bylaw 2 Chapter 2) can book a room through EngSoc here. A variety of University of Toronto rooms and the Engineering Communications room (or "EngCom") are available for booking. EngCom is available for groups of up to 12 people and is equipped with a meeting table, a whiteboard, a television screen which can be used as a monitor, three computers, and a scanner.

General Rules:

  • You are responsible for everything that happens in the room while it is booked, including other people's actions. - Do not bring any food or drinks into the room.
  • Do not move furniture into or out of the room.

EngCom Rules:

  • Do not install software on the computers or modify the hardware setup of the computers. - Do not use the computers for illegal activities. Please note that torrenting can result in the internet connection being disabled. - Do not leave your things in the room when done. The room may only be used for storage if approved by the VP Communications. - Do not move any material belonging to a club.
  • EngCom can accommodate a maximum of 12 people.

Faculty Room Rules:

  • Do not use the room's dedicated projector. You will likely be fined by the university.

EngCom Schedule

If the current bookings calendar is not displaying properly, try here.

By completing the room booking form you agree to abide by the rules outlined above. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact the VP Communications at