Special Projects Funding

Students can apply for Special Projects funding from the Engineering Society for one-time purchases which benefit their organization or the Skule community as a whole. Purchases that are typically eligible for Special Projects Funding are:

  • Tools, equipment, or instruments (e.g. a drill press for use in club projects)
  • Hosting a non-annual conference
  • New ideas that are not a part of the typical EngSoc budget (e.g. Skule Kup in its first year)

Some examples of past Special Projects are:

  • A new Suds fridge
  • Tools for the Blue and Gold Committee
  • Instruments for the Skule Orchestra and the LGMB
  • Hosting the 2012 Ontario Engineering Competitions at the University of Toronto
  • A rocket test stand for University of Toronto Aerospace Team

Note: Affiliated Clubs are also eligible to receive funding from EngSoc, see Club Funding for more details.

Total Funding Available for 2T1-2T2: $50,000
Funding Remaining as of August 2021: $43,295.26

Please note that funding is approved on a first come, first serve basis. Check back regularly to see the amount of funding remaining.

Application Process

Application Download
  1. Fill in the written application. Please only use the space provided.
  2. Fill in the excel template to detail any budgeting revenue and expenses.
  3. Email both the application and the budget to and with the subject:
    “Special Projects Funding – (Name of Organization/Project)”
  4. The application will be discussed by the Finance Committee to reach a recommendation. Once the recommendation is approved by the Board, the finance secretary will let you know if your project has been approved or rejected.

Funding Review

Applications to this fund are accepted on a rolling basis. Once the application is received, it will be reviewed in the subsequent Finance Committee meeting. The turnaround time for applications is approximately one month. If we are requesting more information from you, we recommend you send it as soon as possible so we can process it at the next meeting, and minimize any delays in the process. You may also be requested to meet with the Finance Committee during this process.

Funding Release

Once the application is approved, please submit a cheque requisition to claim any expenses. Visit Cheque Requisitions for more information.


If you have any questions about Special Projects funding, please contact the VP Finance at