2023 Spring Election Results

Good evening everyone

I understand everyone has been patiently waiting for this notice and apologies for the delay in getting these out but the 2023 Spring Elections Results can be found here. Thank you to everyone who ran, asked questions, and put effort into their campaigns and congratulations to all the winners and I look forward to seeing how you contribute to the SkuleTM community this upcoming year.

For everyone who didn’t get elected, don’t get discouraged, the unfilled positions found in the results will be re-run in the 2023 Fall Elections by the new CRO so look out for a notice for those sometime in the end of summer.

As always, feel free to reach out to me at cro@skule.ca (or cro@g.skule.ca as well if you prefer) if you have any questions or concerns. All election matters are under purview of the CRO and the Speaker. I want to thank the DRO team, the Speaker, the Voting Web Development team and the Registrar’s office, the Officers, Rhonda, and everyone else who helped me navigate this role throughout the year.

Have a great rest of the year everyone and I hope the elections this past year have allowed you all to become more active in the EngSoc community, made the elections process a bit more streamlined, opened up new avenues of campaigning and have overall been a rewarding experience for everyone who ran, voted, and just generally read through my elections emails throughout the year.

Signing Off
Dhruv Sharma
Chief Returning Officer 2T2-2T3

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