Financial Documents

The Engineering Society Operating Budgets highlight expected spending and revenue targets set by the Vice-President Finance, Finance Committee, and the Board of Directors. The Engineering Society Audits are a review of the Society’s assets and financial standing prepared by an;independent accounting firm. The statements are approved by our members at the Annual General Meeting.

Year Spring/Summer Fall Winter Audit
2T3-2T4 July Not Created Not Created BDO
2T2-2T3 June Not Created Not Created Not Created
2T1-2T2 July Sept Not Created BDO
2T0-2T1 July Sept Jan BDO
1T9-2T0 July Sept Jan BDO
1T8-1T9 July Sept Jan BDO
1T7-1T8 June Oct Jan BDO
1T6-1T7 June Sept Jan BDO
1T5-1T6 June Sept Jan BDO
1T4-1T5 June Sept Jan BDO
1T3-1T4 June Sept Jan BDO
1T2-1T3 Not Created October AGM January BDO
1T1-1T2 Not Created October December Amendment BDO Draft
1T0-1T1 Unofficial October AGM Not Created Collins-Barrow
0T9-1T0 June October AGM Not Created Collins-Barrow

If you have any questions about these financial documents, please contact the Vice-President Finance at