Conference Funding

It is in the interest of the Engineering Society that all undergraduate engineering students who wish to attend an academic conference or design competition to represent Skule, EngSoc and the University of Toronto to the engineering community have the opportunity to do so, without being restricted by financial needs. All undergraduate engineering students may thus apply for a subsidy from the Engineering Society to attend an academic conference or design competition that clearly demonstrates these points.


Expenses eligible for reimbursement include any travel, accommodation, and registration costs related to the conference/competition. Students may apply as individuals or as members of a club attending a conference or competition as a group. A club executive need apply only once on behalf of all attending members. Please keep in mind the following points:

Finances and Logistics

While previous conference funding was limited, the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Engineering and associated Alumni Fund have generously donated $50,000 for the 2T3 - 2T4 schoolyear to sponsor students to use conference funding and attend conferences/events for their own personal development or community achievement. We thank the Faculty and alumnus for their support!

Application Process

Group Application Download Individual Application Download Conference Funding Application

Note: The written application consists of two parts conference details and a conference review. If you submit the first part of the application before the conference has occurred, the Finance Committee may confirm your funding amount beforehand. This funding will be reimbursed once the second part of application and a cheque requisition has been submitted. A member of the Finance Committee will contact you with impact report submission details after the conference.

Funding Review

Applications to this fund are accepted on a rolling basis. Once the application is received, it will be reviewed in the subsequent Finance Committee meeting. The turnaround time for applications is approximately one month. If we are requesting more information from you, we recommend you send it as soon as possible so we can process it at the next meeting, and minimize any delays in the process. You may also be requested to meet with the Finance Committee during this process.

Funding Release

Once the funding is approved and all parts of the application have been submitted, please submit a cheque requisition to claim any expenses. Visit Cheque Requisitions for more information.


If you have any questions about Conference funding, please contact the VP Finance at