Governing Members

The Engineering Society is run by volunteers in a wide variety of positions. It would be impossible to list everyone who contributes to its operation, but this page includes information about many of those volunteers. You can find all of their names and contact information below


President Parker Johnston

Vice-President Finance Bo Zhao

Vice-President Communiciations Renee Slen

Vice-President Academic Kenneth Lloyd Hilton

Vice-President Student Life Joy Lai

Board of Directors

At-Large Representative Natalia Espinosa-Merlano

At-Large Representative Rebecca Ing

At-Large Representative Kaija Mikes

At-Large Representative Ana Vukojevic

First Year Representative Lavneet Singh

First Year Representative Elias Barsa

First Year Representative Boluwatife Asaba

ChemicalEngineering Representative William Krestow

Civil Engineering Representative Baneen Kazmi

Electrical and Computer Engineering Representative Parker Johnston

Electrical and Computer Engineering Representative Vacant

Engineering Science Representative Sean Huang

Industrial Engineering Representative Aisha Gurses

Mechanical Engineering Representative Aidan Maunder

Materials Science and Engineering Representative Tobin Zheng

Mineral Engineering Representative Evan Kiriakou

Speaker Erika Narimatsu

Class Representatives

Discipline First Year Second Year Third Year PEY Fourth Year
Chemical Engineering Vacant Vacant Iftekhar Ali N/A Vacant
Civil Engineering Vacant Vacant Vacant Vacant Vacant
Electrical and Computer Engineering Vacant, Vacant Vacant, Vacant Shannon Victoria Jones, Sahana Prabhu, Asim Rahman, Jeffrey Zhao Sam Chowdhury, Medina Qaderi Albert Huang, Vacant, Vacant, Vacant
Engineering Science Vacant, Vacant Vacant, Vacant Vacant N/A Vacant
Industrial Engineering Vacant, Vacant Vacant Vacant Vacant Vacant
Materials Science and Engineering Vacant Vacant Natalie Wong N/A Vacant
Mechanical Engineering Vacant, Vacant Vacant, Vacant Thea Perez, Vacant Vacant Vacant
Mineral Engineering Vacant Vacant Matthew Ye N/A Evan Beri
Track One Vacant