Finance Committee

Founded in 2008, following a call for increased accountability and help with a high volume of funding applications and allocations, the University of Toronto Engineering Society Finance Committee is a standing committee of the Engineering Society Board of Directors. Members of the FC, whose terms last for one year, reserve no particular authority but are mandated to recommend to the Board of Directors funding recommendations and assist Engineering Society members and clubs who seek financial help or guidance.

For the 2023-2024 year, the Finance Committee will be comprised of 2 Officers (VP Student Life and VP Finance), 4 members at large and 1 member of the Board of Directors. The following document provides a short introduction to the Engineering Society Finance Committee for those unfamiliar with their work. For more information, please refer to this.

Application Process

The Finance Committee for the 2T3-2T4 year has been struck.

Generally, the application process starts every May. Check back here for the applications in 2024!

Note that all finance committee meetings are open to the public and their minutes are publically available. If you are interested in joining a meeting, check the Skule calendar or governance newsletters emailed from the Vice President Communications, or email for the date and location.

Finance Committee Internal Guidlines

Below are some general rules of prescription of how much funding can be approved by the finance commiee for these common items.

Food for in person events:

Internal engagement such as exec team socials:



Furniture and equipment:



Miscellaneous expenses:


How Finance Committee Meetings Will Be Conducted:

How to complete a budget:

On a high level, reasonable and complete applications during the summer months of a year can be comprised of quotes easily pulled from the internet, previous quotes with an inflation factor, or average/previous actual numbers.

Reasonable and complete applications during the fall/winter semesters can be easily pulled from the internet and hard quotes from suppliers/producers. Applications may also be submited as a tracker of total expenses/revenues up to date of application. For more information watch this video.


If you have any questions about the Finance Committee, please contact the VP Finance at