Audiovisual Equipment Rentals

If you are an EngSoc-affiliated Club, Associated Entity, Project Directorship, or Discipline Club, and affiliated with Ulife/SOP, you can book projectors, speakers, and microphones through EngSoc. Instructions for booking non-EngSoc spaces can be found in this document, and more information about SOP affiliation can be found in this site.

EngSoc-affiliated organizations will be granted free use of projectors in classrooms, including speakers, microphones, projectors, etc. However, clubs must pay for the services through campus events in advance and then get a reimbursement through EngSoc by filling out a cheque requisition and providing proof of purchase (such as a paid invoice). See here for further info on reimbursements.

This project is intended to be used solely for the purpose of club or design team work, and not for personal projects or use. If you require a large number of rooms, a booking for a conference or other large event, and events that span over multiple days, please contact Rhonda at and the VP Student Life at to negotiate in-classroom AV usage.

For last-minute emergency AV equipment booking, projectors are also available for booking through the EngSoc office. Please contact Rhonda or the VP Communications for further inquiries.

##General Rules:

By completing the equipment booking form you agree to abide by the rules outlined above. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact the VP Communications