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The Engineering Society participates in the Centralized Process for Student Initiative Funding (CPSIF). CPSIF allows student groups to apply to various funding resources from within the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering in a single application. Departments and affiliates of this program will all receive the same application and budget. The funding process will occur once this academic year during the fall.

For more information about CPSIF and to begin your application, please visit the CPSIF Home Page. A thorough review of the Eligibility & Guidelines section is strongly recommended. Especially important is to fill out an Impact Report by the end of the year highlighting how the funds were used. Without this report an organization will not be able to apply for funding the following year.

In addition to the CPSIF, EngSoc will have an additional round of Club Funding in the Winter. Information regarding Winter round club funding applications and deadlines will be released in the second semester. Clubs that have not received funding from EngSoc will have funding priority. However, groups that have applied to CPSIF in the fall semester may be considered again based on need (i.e. you were a trial club and now have been fully affiliated). Please ensure that your proposed budget reflects activities and programs for the entire academic year. You will be asked to provide past financial records along with projected expenses and all sources of income.

2023-2024 CPSIF Budget Template

CPSIF Details

Please read this section before applying to CPSIF. This section contains important information which your application should include.

CPSIF is a centralized student funding process. This means that the same application is sent to different recipients, whether it be the various Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering departments, or the Engineering Society. This section addresses only applications received by the Engineering Society. Please refer to individual departments’ websites if you would like to know more about how they judge CPSIF applications they receive.

The following student groups are NOT eligible for CPSIF funding from EngSoc:

If your student group falls into one of the above categories, please put “0” under expected funds received from EngSoc in your CPSIF application budget, as you are guaranteed to not receive any.

Trial status clubs are only eligible for a maximum of $200 in CPSIF funding. All student groups are expected to include a contingency in their budgets, as EngSoc will not approve funding for a student group more than what that group requested in their application.

EngSoc will not approve funding for expense items already or potentially covered under EngSoc’s other recourses to funding. In particular, past or future conference expenses and expense items approved in the past will not be (re-)approved under CPSIF. Please apply to the conference funding application for conference-related expenses. Student groups should distinguish between holding (organizing) and attending conferences; expenses related to organizing a conference are admissible under CPSIF, while attending conferences are not.

CPSIF Application Process

There are two rounds of funding for trial and fully affiliated EngSoc clubs. The first is the Fall round through CPSIF, the timeline of which can be found below.

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