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Associated Entities

These organization and positions are non-EngSoc organizations that are closely tied to EngSoc because of their contributions to the Skule community. Each Associated Entity has at least one point of contact with EngSoc, who is part of the EngSoc Council. The method by which they are elected or appointed varies based on their position.

Engineering Athletics Association

EAA President Meme Liu Works with VP Student Life

The Engineering Athletics Association runs intramural sports for engineering students at the University of Toronto.Their sports teams compete against other colleges and faculties. EAA also runs leagues for sports between disciplines,as well as sports-focused events.

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Lady Godiva Memorial Bnad

Seenyur Bnad Leedur Ewan Wai Works with VP Student Life

Leading the LGMB along with their Drum Majur and Joonyur Bnad Leedur, the Bnad Leedur spreads Skule spirit through open events that anyone can join in. Including you! These events are held regularly throughout the year and are a great way to blow off some steam, make new friends or just show your Skule spirit loud and proud. Will play and sing for food and BEvERages!

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Ye Olde Mighty Skule Cannon

Chief Attiliator *thou wisheth!* Works with the President

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Blue & Gold Committee

Blue & Gold Committee Chairs Aidan Castanheiro & Kaija Mikes Works with VP Student Life

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Skule Nite

Skule Nite Director Thomas Dell Works with VP Student Life

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University of Toronto Governing Council

Full-Time Undergraduate Student Governor Nelson Lee Works with the President


You’re Next Career Network

YNCN President Hannah Kot Works with the President

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