Skule™ Finances

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A gentle introduction to Skule™ Finances

Hello! This is the ultimate go-to page for your finance questions. The Skule™ finance system can be quite a maze, but you’ve got help! There are several main points you should know if you want to apply for funding from the Engineering Society:

Choosing the right type of financing avenue

Different sources of funding are available for different purposes. For instance, conference funding is dedicated for funding students and teams who have went, or are going to, conferences. You must make sure your application is sent towards the correct funding avenue, so that available funding can be distributed to meet the full range of student needs as best as possible.

There are several main funding avenues for students and student clubs:

To identify which funding avenue is best for your purposes, feel free to use the finance wizard below or browse the finance pages in this website.

Finance Wizard

The following tool has been provided to help determine which funding avenue is the best for your situation. Please read the disclaimer. By entering your email, you agree to the terms of the disclaimer.

Finance Wizard

Applying for funding

Once you have identified your funding avenue, you should download the application forms, fill them out, and submit them through the forms sent out monthly by the VP finance, from the email address Alternatively, you may send the VP Finance an email. Please use the templates provided. If applications are made without the templates, they are more difficult to process, and risk being rejected entirely.

When filling in application forms, it is best to be detailed. Expense items should be broken down as much as possible, receipt by receipt if possible. Include contingencies where applicable - a 5% allowance is normally made for larger projects. At this stage, cost estimates are fine, since funding applications are only being approved. By having applications approved, you gain the right to requisition your approved funds in the future.

Cheque requisitions

If - and only if - you have funding that was approved by EngSoc, you may redeem your approved funds after the fact. You will require actual receipts that show the funds were actually spent on the expense items. Credit card receipts are not admissible. Cheque requisitions may be made by physical cheque or by Interac transfer. Visit the cheque requisitions page for details and the application form.