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aUToronto Kelvin Cui Team Principal

aUToronto is one of ten university teams competing in the SAE/GM AutoDrive Challenge. This multi-year autonomous vehicle competition will task students to develop and demonstrate a full autonomous driving passenger vehicle.

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Blue Sky Solar Racing Olivia Ang Operations Lead

Blue Sky Solar Racing is a student run design team that specializes in the design, build and racing of solar powered cars. Our goal as a team is to promote sustainable technology, and to provide students with an opportunity to develop themselves outside of the classroom. Over the past 28 years we have built 10 solar cars and partook in competitions all around the world. We are currently in the process of testing our 11th generation solar car for the 2023 World Solar Challenge.

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CloudClub Qingyuan Wu Preisdent

CloudClub is a campus association where students band together to create websites, applications, and products for use by organizations and the general public. Our clud provides students an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in softmare development in a tight-knit team.

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Engineers in Action - University of Toronto Chapter Emily Hu President

Engineers In Action (EIA) - U of T Chapter is a multidisciplinary student club dedicated to raising awareness and making a positive impact in the world. Each year, we help bridge the gap of isolation in developing communities by designing and constructing pedestrian footbridges. This infrastructure plays a crucial role in connecting isolated communities to essential services such as healthcare, education, and economic opportunities. Over the years, we have successfully completed bridge projects in Bolivia, Eswatini, and Guatemala. We offer the opportunity for students to travel to the build site, allowing them to contribute directly to the construction of the bridge during the summer months. Throughout the year, we also work to enrich student life through educational events, design workshops, and speaker series, allowing students to apply their education in meaningful ways. If you have any questions or would like to get involved, feel free to reach out to us at or follow us on Instagram (@eia.uoft).

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Human Powered Vehicle Design Team Lincoln Macdonald Captain

The Human-Powered Vehicles Design Team (HPVDT) is a student organization at the University of Toronto that is focused on the design and construction of innovative, high-performance, human-powered vehicles. Our goal is to provide students with practical, hands-on experience in engineering design while promoting efficiency, sustainability and the use of human power as a means of reducing society’s impact on the environment..

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International Genetically Engineering Machines Toronto Ally Cheung President

iGEM Toronto is an undergraduate synthetic biology design team. We design anything related to synthetic biology from genetic circuits to biofilms to plastic-degrading enzymes to rapid DNA detection kits. We showcase our project in the iGEM Grand Jamboree every October where iGEM teams from over 300 universities around the globe also present their work.

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Interplanetary Space Exploration Team Queena Chen & Jessie Jung Co-Captains

As humans, we’ve always gazed into the skies wondering what is beyond Earth’s atmosphere. At the ISET, we believe it’s time to reach beyond the stars. As one of few undergraduate teams, our vision is to advance civilian life on Mars. With significant progress towards Martian colonization within the next decade, ISET aims to play a key role in tackling and innovating cutting-edge solutions towards difficulties associated with life on Mars. The team’s mission is to change perceptions of space design complexity by applying engineering principles at the undergraduate level to overcome challenges associated with interplanetary colonization. The purpose of this team is to offer students at the University of Toronto an opportunity to design and prototype Martian systems.

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Robotics for Space Exploration Krishanth Suthaharan President

The Robotics for Space Exploration (RSX) team is the University of Toronto’s one and only Mars Rover design team running strong since 2013. We design and build Mars Rovers which we use to compete in Rover Competitions around the world. We are a team of undergraduate engineering students passionate about robotics and engineering in space. We also inspire high school and university students into the field of space robotics by hosting outreach events and hackathons called SEEK (Space Exploration and Engineering Kompetition) to give back to our community. At RSX, we believe in the importance of a hand-on based approach and encourage members to push the limits of robotic technologies with opportunities to learn and grow as engineers.

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Spark Design Club James Xu President

The Spark Design Club (a.k.a Spark!) builds interactive displays and arcade machines that are displayed all around our campus. Spark is run by a team of executives from various engineering disciplines who plan and design the displays. Every semester, we recruit general members to help build our displays under the mentorship of our executives. We also hold free hands-on workshops throughout the year on practical engineering topics, where students learn to harvest components from e-waste, design and acid etch their own PCBs, solder, and use power tools.

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The University of Toronto Formula SAE Racing Team Emily Wright Business Director

The University of Toronto Formula SAE Racing team (UTFR) designs, manufactures and races a Formula style car every year. We have competitions in Michigan, Germany, and the Czech Republic. Each have both static events, such as design presentations, and dynamic events, like endurance. Some of the new innovations our engineers have built is the first iteration of our self driving package and a reliable electrical power train running on our custom 500 volt accumulator. UTFR members have the opportunity apply their engineering knowledge in a hands on and exciting environment.

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Triotsky Bridge Building Martina Mikhaiel Chair

The Troitsky Bridge Building Club is a design team that creates model bridges to compete at Concordia University’s annual competition against many of the other top engineering programs in Canada. This three-day event, held in Montreal, offers opportunities to network with industry professionals and students, as well as the chance to assemble and construct a 1-metre span bridge and test its strength under a hydraulic press. Having won the competition three out of the last four years, UofT aims to continue its winning culture. To achieve this, we organize various workshops focused on design, modeling, and other relevant skills. Additionally, we provide guidance, materials, tools, and access to facilities necessary for each team to build their bridge. The club welcomes all undergraduates and serves as an excellent platform to create connections while gaining experience in areas such as structural engineering, project management, and construction.

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University of Toronto Aerospace Team Jeremy Lim Executive Director

UTAT is an interdisciplinary student design team dedicated to pushing the bounds of Aerospace design. We have four divisions: Space Systems, Rocketry, Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), and Aerospace Policy and Law. Space Systems develops small satellites, Rocketry launches high-altitude sounding rockets, UAS designs drones, and Aerospace Policy and Law publishes articles, research papers, and runs a podcast relating to all things aerospace. Our core mission is to foster leaders and innovators in Aerospace through ambitious projects, and encourage the community to pursue their passions in aerospace and engineering.

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University of Toronto Chemical Vehicles Freddie Perera & Laszlo Toth Co-presidents

University of Toronto Chemical Vehicles is a design team whose primary focus is to research, design, and integrate different systems to create a small, autonomous, chemically powered and controlled car every year. We compete annually in the Chem-E-Car competition, organized by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE). We pride ourselves in fostering a welcoming and engaging learning environment, while fostering the leadership and teamwork skills of all our team members. If you are interested in experiencing hands-on chemical laboratory work, learning about innovative electrochemistry and reaction kinetics, building cars, or even working behind the scenes to manage resources, logistics, and plan events, then UTCV is the team to join. Check us out at, and email us with your questions at See you there!

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University of Toronto Concrete Canoe Team Meg Sarah Melendres Concrete Director

We are a multidisciplinary design team that designs and constructs a ‘floating’ concrete canoe every year! To compete in the Canadian National Concrete Canoe Competition (CNCC)

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University of Toronto Project Holodeck Irwin Ngo President

UTOPH - University of Toronto Project Holodeck - is a Virtual Reality (VR) design team that focuses on building fun projects and using them to share VR and AR with the student body here at the University of Toronto. The club was founded in October, 2015, and was inspired by the Holodeck from the popular TV series, Star Trek.

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University of Toronto Robotics Association Ammar VoraPresident

Established in 2004, the University of Toronto Robotics Association (UTRA) is the premier robotics student association at the University of Toronto, attracting over 1600 highly motivated and talented students. Through our operation of 7 different teams, we provide a broad range of opportunities for students to explore the multi-disciplinary aspects of robotics and find their passion. At UTRA, we build complex systems such as humanoid soccer-playing robots and autonomous rovers to heavy-duty combat robots to entry-level SUMO fighting robots. Every year, UTRA represents the University of Toronto in many prestigious national and international robotics competitions such as the RoboCup, Intelligent Ground Vehicles Competition, and the National Havoc Robot League.

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University of Toronto Seismic Design Team Grace Hu & Sacha Morin Co-Captains

University of Toronto Seismic Design Team is a seismic design team that competes in the annual international undergraduate seismic design competition organized by the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute. As a part of the competition, we create a balsa wood tower which is tested for earthquake resilience. In addition to the competition, we organize outreach events such as construction workshops, design and analysis software learning sessions and talks from industry and research professionals.

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University of Toronto Sports Analytics Student Group Hassaan Inayatali President

The UTSPAN Student Group is a group for students interested in sports analytics. Throughout the year, we’ve hosted events including tutorials on relevant skills in sports analytics, a seminar series, and an annual hackathon! We also support members in pursuing their own sports analytics research projects and give them the opportunity to showcase their work and meet like-minded students and industry leaders.

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University of Toronto Supermileage Maya Edie-Maxsom & Miles Ah-Ton Co-Captains

The University of Toronto Supermileage Team designs, builds, and races ultralight, hyper-efficient vehicles to compete at the annual Shell Eco-marathon competition. The Shell Eco-marathon challenges student teams from around the world to develop energy efficient transportation solutions for the world’s growing population. The main goal is going the furthest distance using the least amount of energy, and we do that by pushing the boundaries of gasoline-efficiency with our prototype vehicle, and traveling in style with our Hydrogen urban-concept car.

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UofT Concrete Toboggan Sheen Patel & David Co-Captains

“The Concrete Toboggan Team (also known as “tbog”) is an award-winning design team that builds a toboggan with concrete skis, competing against teams from universities all across Canada for speed, steering, and braking! We cast the slipperiest of concretes, build the aerodynamicest of shells, and the brakiest of brakes to create a vehicle that barrels down snowy hills at speeds up to 74 km/hr. Another big part of tbog is team spirit – every team decides on a theme for costumes, toboggan decor, and a technical exhibition! We’ve done mailbog, IKEAbog, neanderbog, discobog, the list goes on… Anyone and everyone is welcome to join Tbog, with no commitment or skills required! Feel free to drop in for any of our build sessions – join our discord (, and follow us on Instagram (@uoftbog) to keep up to date! Hope to see you around, The UofT Concrete Toboggan Team”

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Future Living Lab Steffany Lung President

We are a student-run innovation lab with a passion for exploring the future of sustainable building design and pushing design innovations. Our team consists of architecture and engineering students from the University of Toronto. We focus on conceptual building designs while merging our collective interests in sustainability, building science, architecture, and structural engineering. Our aim is to provide students with hands-on experience through various building projects to promote and enrich quality of life, strengthen communities, and raise environmental awareness. We provide opportunities to participate in design studio workshops, seminars with industry experts, field trips, and prototyping projects.

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UTWind Abir Shahid Co-President

UTWind is a multidisciplinary team of undergraduate and graduate students on a mission to design and build small scale wind turbines. We provide students with real-world engineering experiences giving them opportunities to problem-solve, learn hands-on skills, and make connections with professionals in the industry. Each year we compete in the International Small Wind Turbine Competition against other universities from around the world. New members are always welcome!

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