Get Involved


If you would like to be further involved in the Engineering Society, you can apply to run for a position in EngSoc. Many positions in EngSoc are elected, including all of our Officers, Class Reps, and Board of Directors Reps, whereas our Project Directors are appointed via interview. In addition, there are many positions in Discipline Clubs and Ex-Officio groups that are also elected through EngSoc’s elections process.

Of course, all members of EngSoc can vote in our elections, as well as their respective discipline clubs.



Elections will be announced by the CRO (Chief Returning Officer) via mass email, Skule Digest, and the announcement feed found below. Students wishing to nominate themselves must fill out the nomination form, available in the EngSoc office, and hand it in before the end of the nomination period

Rules and Procedures

The elections process varies depending on the position. Elections are run by the CRO with the help of DROs (Deputy Returning officers) to ensure a fair and unbiased election. As such, EngSoc has put in place rules regarding nominations, campaigning, re-elections etc…

For more information about the election process, refer to Bylaw 3

Chief Returning Officer Lavneet Singh Overseen by the Speaker

The CRO is a neutral body who conducts EngSoc elections, ensuring that they are run fairly and democratically. Along with their Deputy Returning Officers (or DROs) as part of the Office of Returning Officers (or ORO), they spend much of the year refining the election policies and scheduling the elections for the year.