Your transcript is a document containing your academic record.

Obtainning your Transcript

Unofficial Transcripts

If you can submit an unofficial transcript (most job, scholarship and grad school applications will accept this), this is your best option as it is free. To obtain an unofficial transcript:

  1. Log in to ACORN
  2. Open the Academic History page using the menu-bar on the left-hand side of your screen


  3. Select Complete Academic History complete-academic-history
  4. Click on the Print Academic History button print-academic-history-button
  5. Select Save as pdf and save the document to the desired folder on your device. save-to-pdf

Official Transcripts

If you are required to submit an official transcript, follow these instructions. Note that there is a fee assocciated with ordering an official transcript

Transcript Glossary

Below is a table of common transcript terms and what they mean:

Status Transcript Acronym What it Means Credit Granted Included in CGPA
AEgrotat standing Granted AEG You were unable to write a final examination and your petition was successfully approved. Yes No
Credit/No Credit CR/NCR Used to report the result of an ungraded academic requirement such as PEY, English proficiency, field camp, the 3rd year EngSci seminar course etc. Yes No
Did Not Write DNR This is temporary status assigned by a professor if you did not attend required course sessions and/or did not complete a sufficient amount of evaluations. This should be changed to another grade/symbol during the divisional grade review. Not Applicable Not Applicable
Grade Withheld pending Review GWR This is a temporary status if your grade is currently being petitioned or reviewed Not Applicable Not Applicable
course In PRogress IPR This is a temporary status indicating that you are currently enrolled in the course. Not Applicable Not Applicable
Late WithDrawal LWD Withdrawal from course without academic penalty. Please see this section for further details. No No
No Grade Available NGA This is a temporary status while you are waiting for grades to be released. Not Applicable Not Applicable
Standing DeFerred SDF This is a temporary status which indicates that you have been granted an extension on incomplete coursework beyond the end of the term due to extenuating circumstances. It will be replaced by a regular mark before the expiry of a specified extension period. Not Applicable Not Applicable
WithDRawal without academic penalty WDR This means that you withdrew after the drop-deadline and are able to demonstrate that there were extenuating circumstances that lead to your withdrawal. No No