Academic Representation

If you are having difficulty with your courses or want to provide feedback, there are multiple levels of elected and appointed positions which can help address your concerns. Your class representative is usually a good place to start, but you can find the contact information for all Engineering Society positions here or below.

Class Representatives

Class representatives are your first point of contact for course feedback, and are elected by your class at the beginning of the year. They gather feedback from students and present it to professors and other faculty members. They also have a vote at Faculty Council, where they contribute to discussions about widespread student issues.

Discipline Club Chairs

Discipline Club Chairs manage each discipline club, which provide each discipline with representation, services, and activities. They are a fourth year student who is elected by your entire discipline to address the needs of the discipline as a whole. They regularly sit down with the Chair of your department to discuss proposed curriculum changes, laboratory renovations, student services, and issues that students are struggling with.

VP Academic and the Academic Advocacy Committee

The VP Academic and the Academic Advocacy Committee (AAC) are elected student positions that address issues facing members of all disciplines. The committee is composed of the VP Academic, 3 Engineering Society board of directors members, undergraduate student representatives that sit on Faculty Council Standing Committees, and academic directors from each discipline club. They discuss matters ranging from the mid-course feedback project, developing the f!rosh anticalendar, creating advocacy strategies based on discussion points at Faculty Council Standing Committee meetings, and developing action plans to resolve student issues that have escalated through the above hierarchy.

This Acamdeic Advocacy Committee has monthly meetings that all students are welcome to attend where academic advocacy projects are tracked throughout the year (check out the Skule Calendar on this site for the next meeting date)!

You are encouraged to bring forward larger issues to VP Academic at Alternatively, stop by the EngSoc Office (accessed from the Pit) Monday-Friday 9-5pm to talk to one of the Officers. Issues can also be brought to the Academic Advocacy Committee as a project to take on or dealt with through EngSoc.

In 2016-2017, the Academic Advocacy Committee put together a recommendation report for the Engineering Career Centre to aid in their restructuring. The full report can be found here.

Faculty Council

Faculty Council is the highest level of governance in the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering. They influence how courses are taught and evaluated and what resources are available to students. You can find out more about Faculty Council and its many committees here.